Ethan Dettenmaier (Sin-Jin Smyth Director) interview

Ethan Dettenmaier Sin-Jin Smyth is the new movie by Ethan Dettenmaier, writer turned director, which is due for a June 2006 release starring Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down, Kindergarten Cop) and Jason Hildebrandt (Black Hawk Down, The Dinner Party). It is about time the Pit asked him some questions... interview by John Gray...

THE PIT: First off, as a fan I’m excited to witness the evolution of greatness in horror. Every so often, you find a genre piece like SIN-JIN SMYTH that sets the bar a little higher, tell me what inspired you to make this film and set the bar so high?

Ethan: If you don’t strive to be inventive and do the best you can, then you should get the fuck out of this business because the fans who pump millions into the box office deserve better, the best in fact! And right now they’re just not gettin’ it!

THE PIT: And why do you think that is?

Ethan: Right now the system is afraid to invent! They want the formula. The three act play that we’ve all seen too many times…When you watch garbage like ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ do you ever wonder who’s gonna survive? Is there ever any doubt. Does watching that move scare you? It scares me actually but for different reasons!!!

THE PIT: We’ve all read the story line for SIN-JIN SMYTH which I think is genius---

Ethan: Thank you but, its only genius if I can execute on the screen…

THE PIT: But not only do you have the SIN-JIN SMYTH character but you add the element of weather which is scary enough in itself. Do you think the audience will make it through the film without hyperventilating?

Ethan: The tornado warning and weather elements are just for additional texture. That’s not what’s suppose to scare you but, it is part of the effort to give the audience as much as we can. And I want to give them a reason to come back!!!

THE PIT: Let’s talk about the cast of SIN-JIN SMYTH. What made you decide to go against the grain and cast real actors rather than the newest hardon of the month?

Ethan: I wanted real bulletproof personalities! Right now the system is built around people who can’t act. And most of these people don’t strike me as real; they don’t strike me as scared or fighting for their lives! They strike me as self-absorbed, men and woman with limited dramatic range! Don’t get me wrong, there are some people out there who can get it done but most actors are more concerned with how they look on the poster rather than making an impact on the audience. They’d rather sit inside their trailer and bitch about the craft service table not having any lobster then figure out how to make the movie more memorable…


Ethan: And another thing, great actors, even though they may not be on the cover of Teen Beat, leave a lasting impression with the audience years after the movie wraps…

THE PIT: So no Paris Hilton in the film? Awwww...

Ethan: (Point blank) What do you think?

THE PIT: As a film maker, what films/directors inspired you?

Ethan: The work of Lon Chaney! (Pause) But from a director’s stand point, John Ford. Kurosawa. Whale. Coppola, Apocalypse Now being on of my favorites. But I respect the work of the Rebel Alliance in the seventies. The Mavs who despite the bullshit rules and formulas of the time went out and said ‘F—k off! We’re still gonna make the best film possible no matter what you (the system) tells us’. And that would include Carpenter. Freidkin, a few others…

THE PIT: Those aren’t exactly horror directors.

Ethan: They don’t need to be! You need to be dynamic in what you like. It’s great to love horror films but an artist, such as yourself, you need to appreciate the work of the men and women who made this business what it is (or once was I suppose)! If you remain one dimensional you can’t think and operate outside the box.

THE PIT: What can fans expect to see from SIN-JIN SMYTH?

Ethan: The unexpected! If I give you what you expect then I didn’t do my job, right?

THE PIT: Do you plan this as a stand alone film or part of a trilogy/saga?

Ethan: There are no plans to build an assembly line. I’m gonna knock you out once and hope you remember it!

THE PIT: You also have some real big surprises in store for the hardcore horror fans. Can you give us a taste of things to come?

Ethan: Come on, man! Wait ‘til the lights in the theatre go down!

THE PIT: How do you plan to live up to the expectations?

Ethan: I plan to make the best film I can. Everything about Sin-jin Smyth goes onto the screen, not in our pockets. We’ll do everything possible for the audience cause as an audience member myself; I feel that that’s what they have a right to expect and deserve!

THE PIT: Did you like the re-make of House of Wax?

Ethan: (Quickly) No.

THE PIT: Thank you Ethan as-

Ethan: Thank you.

THE PIT: As you know this interview is the first of a series of interviews with the cast and crew, any parting thoughts?

Ethan: Yeah, watch out for those guys! They’re serious!

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