General horror movie websites:
Arrow In The Head
Bad Movies
Behind the mask
Camp Crystal Lake
Carfax Abbey
Dark Dreams
Dead Zombie.com
Diabolical Dominion
The DiRT MouND
Escape From Haddonfield
Flesh Farm
Horror Asylum
House Of Horrors
House of Pain
Jason Conquers
Oh my gore
Scary Movie Drive-In
Terror INC
Terror Trap
Terror Watch
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (.net)
Within the woods

Official horror movie websites:
Friday the 13th: The Website--Jason's official home on the internet!
Halloween Movies.com--Official Halloween website
Phantasm--Enter the Tall Man's mortuary, if you dare!
Sin-Jin Smyth--Official website of the upcoming movie!
Job--The trials will be upon you!
Red Velvet--New feature from 3Mac Studios!

Official horror celebrity websites:
Andrew Bryniarski--Leatherface is back!
Ari Lehman--Young Jason, the very first...
Chop Top's Barbecue--Bill Moseley's page (TCM 2)
CJ Graham--Jason VI hits the net!
Dick Warlock--Myers from Halloween II
Dominick Brascia--Joey from Friday the 13th Part V
Felissa Rose--Angela from Sleepaway Camp and more!
Harry Manfredini--Acclaimed genre composer!
Jonathan Breck--Official site for the Creeper!
Paul Partain--Original TCM 'Franklin' actor
Warrington Gillette--Jason 2 Kills!
Wes Craven--Famed horror director (A Nightmare On Elm Street)

Horror movie news:
Horror News Hub--All the latest news you WANT to read!
Dark Horizons--Comprehensive news on all things film...
The GoreZone--Another great horror news resource!
Upcoming Horror Movies.com--Superb horror movie news resource

Horror Magazine websites:
Cult Cuts--Horror magazine, lots of informative reviews and articles...
Fangoria--Leading American Horror Magazine

Horror Mask Making websites:
Bump in the Night--masks for sale here!
Night Owl--Excellent masks for sale
The HMA--mask masking association

Horror Movie Discussion:
Guts and Gory--The place to discuss horror!

Horror Movie Merchandise:
Horror Art--Affordable horror art
Crystal Lake Collectibles--Horrific shirts for sale

Other/Specialist websites:
Ari Ben Moses Band--Original Jason Ari Lehman's band page
Dark Walls--Literature, radio, articles and more!
Dead Or American--Scottish alt rock band, think Fugazi, Shellac etc
Drunken Monkey Movies--A form of madness, highly amusing
Hattiesburg Civic Light Opera--Petch's local community theatre group
Jabba On The Dais--Download the hilarious spoof of Falco's "Rock Me Amadeus"
JoBlo's Movie Emporium--Fantastic movie resource for all categories
Look Sound and Feel--Media website
Macrocosmica--Stunning Scottish Rock band, ex Mogwai & Teenage Fanclub
Mummy Freaks--Exactly what it says on the tin...
Tomb of the mutilated--Unofficial forum for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse
Wookie--The creators of "Jabba On The Dais" have fun with Limp Bizkit's "Nookie"

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