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Danielle Harris Danielle Harris first made her mark in the horror genre playing Jamie Lloyd, the sole surviving heir to the Myers legacy in the late eighties' Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers and Halloween V: The Revenge Of Michael Myers. Be sure and catch a marathon of the first six Halloween films on Monsters HD October 31st!

She also surprised genre fans by turning up a decade later, all grown up in the cult film Urban Legend. This year she returned to the Myers saga in a new way as the classic Annie Loomis character in Rob Zombie's well-received Halloween remake. Active on the convention circuit and having very recently appeared in Orlando at Scream Fest '07, Danielle kindly took time out from her busy schedule to chat with John Gray about her experiences in the genre and other recent and upcoming projects.

So, before we talk about that Halloween stuff, let's talk about some of your upcoming projects...
Well, I'm directing my first film. Basically, it's a slasher film that breaks away from the standard stalk and kill formula. I mean, we always see these crazy killers with masks and they are always men. I thought, wouldn't it be great if it was a female slasher. It's always men....always, and it's usually a sexual thing, or a power thing. With my film, it's all about what it takes to make it in Hollywood, and you know I'm disgusted with the way the media sensationalizes all these celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. What happened to the old days in Hollywood where if you did something wrong you were blacklisted....period. Now, they are rewarding this behavior and it's disgusting. My film explores all of these issues within Hollywood, and going back to the whole female killer thing....it's going to disturb you quite a bit. One of my favorite shows on TV is "Lockdown" and when you see these women that have killed, it's always so much more disturbing that when a man does it.

Yeah, much more personal and vindictive right?
Oh, God yes....women scare me! (laughs)

Monsters HD

So are you writing this as well?
Oh yes! I have another writer I am working with though, and I will turn in parts of the script to him and he will add things or re-structure them, but I have the final approval on what is going to be on the film.

Does the killer wear a mask?
No, you will absolutely know who the killer is, which make it that much more frightening.

And will you be in it? Can you talk about who you have in mind as far as the cast goes?
No, I don't think I'll be in it, but we do have a lot of great people in mind. We are talking to a lot of genre greats right now, and the fans will be very pleased....some actors you will recognize right off the bat and some you will know that you have seen them, but you won't be sure from where.

So, what else do you have cooking?
I've already done another film called Left For Dead.

Yeah, is that ever coming out?
Well, I'm sure it is....it's a great little movie, but I've only seen the stuff I have done in it. I really don't know what the hell is taking so long with it. Maybe they just can't get a deal?

What about Sean Clark's movie The Black Waters Of Echo's Pond?
Well, we showed the trailer at Screamfest and everyone loved it. That's all the fans were talking about that weekend, so I think it's going to be big with the fans. And you know how much of a horror fan Sean is, so I think it's got a little something for everyone.

How was it working on the film?
Well, it was a quick shoot and we had very little time to do what needed to be done. But I enjoyed it, I think since it was Sean's first time writing and producing, he was a little overwhelmed, but we all had a great time on it and I was covered in A LOT of blood, so that should please the fans!

What else?
Actually I just got an offer to do another Dimension movie, but I can't really talk about that yet.

Halloween 2?
No, but I know that a few of the actors have signed on for at least two more.

Tyler and Malcolm, right?
As far as I know....but the reaction to the film was so hot and cold, people either loved it or hated it. There was no middle ground....and if you went in with the original in your mind thinking it was going to be better than Carpenter's vision, then you probably would have hated it.

I went in knowing there was no way the original could be topped, so I think that's why I loved it.
Good, I'm glad you like it...

How was it working with Rob?
Danielle Harris as Annie Loomis in Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN. Rob is really free to let you do whatever the hell you want to do, pretty much. If it doesn't work and he's saying he doesn't like it, he goes, "It's not working, I don't like it, just change it." And you're like, "Well, what do you want me say, Rob?" And he's like, "I don't know, what the hell do you want to say?" So he'd pretty much let you do your own thing.

So, your character Annie lives in the remake, unlike the original; was that part of your contract?
No, not at all. That's how Rob wrote it, and I was shocked, but excited to see that I could possibly come back.

I really hope they pick up from where the last one left off....kinda like how Halloween 2 picks up exactly where the original left off.
Yeah, me too! And I hope I'm in it! It's just me, Loomis, Laurie, and my dad....

And of course Michael!
Oh yes, of course Michael is a given.

So what about this music video you did for Five Finger Death Punch?
It was great! I get to have a fight with the singer Ivan Moody. So, he throws a beer bottle, but we were, like, acting. He's like, "Oh, I get really loud and I scream and yell, so I don't want you to be afraid." I'm like, "Don't worry about it. I can scream just as loud as you. You're okay." We got all into it, and all the guys were like, "Oh my God!" and there was all this crazy stuff going on. And then I stripped for him, and killed myself. So it was good.

I see you are doing a lot of conventions these days, do you ever get tired of doing these shows?
No, I really haven't done that many over the last few years. Now that Rob's Halloween is out, I have to promote them properly of course. And I always love talking to the fans and making things a little more personal....so I'm sure I will eventually take a break, but for now I'm all about them.

Right, you're doing Little Rock this weekend?
Yes, my first trip to Arkansas.

YEE HAW! Well, have fun with that! The con will surely be the highlight of your trip!
Oh great!

Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd, ca. 1988. So, finally, there is the little channel that could on Dish Network called Monsters HD and they are showing a Halloween 1-6 marathon this Halloween. How do you think your films hold up today?
Oh great, obviously real great because they are on every Halloween, back to back and now they are even re-releasing 4 & 5 in theaters!

Yes! On Tuesday the 30th right?
Yep, and I never got to see either one of them in the theater, so I know what I will be doing on Halloween!

You and me both....
And of course watching the marathon on Monsters HD.


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