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Genre legend Wes Craven, the man who brought us The Hills Have Eyes and The Last House on the Left; the man responsible for the horror icon Freddy Krueger/A Nightmare on Elm Street and the man who revitalised horror in the 1990s with the box office hit Scream, speaks to the Pit -in an interview with John Gray- about his new movie, Red Eye. Short, but sweet... read on...

1: First of all, we are huge fans, so thanks so much for taking your time out to journey into the Pit of Horror.
My pleasure.

Tell us a little about ‘Red Eye’ and what inspired you to get behind this film.
It’s a great script, it came from a strongly supportive studio, attracted two amazing leads, and is my very first thriller!

Wes Craven

‘Red Eye’ explores a touchy subject in America these days… terrorism. What made you decide to go with this subject matter?
It’s a no-brainer – I like to address the fears of my culture. I believe it’s good to face the enemy, for the enemy is fear.

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street ’ and ‘Scream’ set the standard for horror in the 80’s and 90’s. Do you think ‘Red Eye’ brings that same element in for the new millennium?
Yes. Name another film like it.

‘Cursed’ was the best werewolf film in years. Any plans to release the true directors cut?
THANKS! It is on DVD now. (see the unrated version)

Is the ‘Scream’ franchise dead? We keep hearing rumors that there is another film in development. If so, would you be involved?
Dimension Films owns the rights to the SCREAM franchise, so I have nothing to do with it anymore. It was written as a trilogy though, so I wouldn’t expect it.

Rachel McAdams as Lisa Reisert in Red Eye. Rachel is set to be a big star!

Freddy vs. Jason catapulted Freddy back into the minds and hearts of a new generation. Would you consider going back to Freddy Krueger for another stand alone ‘Nightmare’ film?
I do not own the rights, New Line does, so that is not up to me.

How involved are you on the remakes of ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ and ‘Last House on the Left’?
I am a producer on THE HILLS HAVE EYES and am exploring into the possible remake of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT.

How do you feel about your work being remade for a new generation?
I’m flattered.

10: What’s next for Wes Craven?
Nothing is planned. Right now I just plan on enjoying the release of RED EYE.


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