L.A. Calkins interview

L.A. Calkins interview

Up and coming character actress L.A. Calkins recently landed the brief but pivotal role of Sloane, the young, unwed mother who gave birth to Leatherface in New Line's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The gracious lady was kind enough to participate in an interview with Pit correspondent Cody Hamman. Many thanks to Ms. Calkins!

What inspired you to get into acting?
L.A. Calkins in THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING I was a shy kid. When I moved to Austin before high school, I felt as if I needed to take control of my life and make a move towards what I wanted to do. With acting, you can be whoever you want. I never thought that I would ever have the privilege of playing the birth mother of Leatherface. Ya hear that kids? Dream big and you may get to squeeze a homicidal maniac out of your loins too!

How did TCM: The Beginning come to your attention, and what was the audition process like?
I have an agent. She told me about the audition. At first, I was a little skeptical if it was a role for me. It called for a 300-500 woman, which I am happy to say, I am nowhere near. I went into the initial audition with the casting director and the scene consisted of the birthing. After that, I was called into a second audition with Jonathan Liebesman, the director. Less than a week later, I got the call from my agent saying that I got the part.

How was your experience on the set?
I had so much fun on the set. I worked a few days in December and June, which were definitely the most fun I have had on a shoot so far. I enjoyed getting bloody and screaming my head off. Apparently many of the cast and crew members could hear me on the other side of the set. The thing that was the hardest was propping my leg up forever without putting weight on my foot because of the slippery floor beneath it.

Are you a fan of the horror genre in general?
Now who doesn't love a good scare once in a while? When I was younger, I would constantly be watching any scary movies I could get my hands on. Now, I guess I'm just a girlie girl--I do love my chick flicks.

And specifically, had you seen any of the previous Chainsaw Massacres before being cast in The Beginning?
I had seen the 2003 version of the film before my second audition. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of the originals.

How does it feel to be the mother of a horror icon?
It's a bit bizarre. I personally have no children and and yet I am the mother of Leatherface. I guess it's a good conversation starter.

We know what your cinematic offspring goes on to do. Where does L.A. Calkins go from here?
L.A. Calkins Right now, I am auditioning for a few of projects. I'm currently working on an untitled short film shooting here in Austin, which has been a lot of fun so far. I'm also talking to a few people about starring in and co-writing a film that would shoot sometime next year. I'm a writer as well as an actor, so pretty much the rest of my free time is spent working on my short stories and book of monologues.


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