Dominic Brascia
Interviewed by Matt Carlin

Q1: Was Vic - the character who chopped your character (Joey) up in Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning really a nice guy in reality?

Yes, he was a very nice guy and a good actor.

Q2: Do you know if the original intent of the writers/producers/whatever of F13 part V was to change the direction of F13? Or was it just more F13 filler until Jason came back in F13 part VI?

This question amuses me, the idea that they made part 5 while they waited for Jason to come back...Jason is like, NOT A REAL PERSON! He did not need a rest between part 4 and 6. The film Part 5 is very much like part one and the last Friday film. In part one, you don't know who the real killer is until the end and the last film in which Jason enters the bodies of other people. Jason's Spirit entered My Dad's body and controlled him .

Q3: Did you strike up any friendships with any of the cast or crew of the movie which you may or may not still keep in contact with today? More specifically were you acquainted with stunt co-ordinator Dick Warlock? Of so do you remain to keep in touch with him?

Yes Corey Feldman became one of my best friends and room mates. Dick Warlock and I worked together on my death scene. Some of that scene was cut out. I talk to Corey Feldman all the time. I did have one major problem with a cast member. He was not a major player, in fact I think because I was one of the stars he was out to get me. I have never told anyone this, but an older actor, who saw me when I got the part, came to my house and attacked me. At the casting office, his car hit mine. I put a note on the window with all my information and asked him to call me or mail me his car insurance information. That evening at 6 pm I got a knock on my door. I opened it and he said, "I didn't hit you car. I said "...but your bumper was still on top on my car when I got out" --- Before I could finish he attacked me, swinging for my face, I had no idea what his problem was. I missed a punch before pushing him out the door and locking it. He almost crashed through the door. A week later, I saw him at the studio...he was so scared I could have had him fired. I said nothing.

Q4: What do you truly - personally - think of Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning? Was it simple just another pay packet for you - no offence intended - or did you have any kind of passion/interest for the movie or maybe the Friday The 13th series or even to be more general the entire horror genre - ?

I think part 5 was a very good film. I did the film to get paid because that is what an actor does. I have turned down roles in films I did not like. If I didn't like Joey I would have turned it down. I like the genre. I have directed 2 films in the genre. In fact EVIL LAUGH which is due out on DVD this Christmas was made because of A New Beginning. The film is very much like SCREAM. It is odd that I make a film like EVIL LAUGH and a few years later SCREAM comes out. Some people have asked me if the guy who wrote SCREAM had seen EVIL LAUGH. After seeing both films, It sure looks that way to me.

Q5: Did you enjoy playing the character of Joey? What was it like?

I liked playing Joey. I know that the Joey they started out with and the one on the screen were different. I talked to the director and made Joey more Human more likeable...I think that is why people still remember him.

Q6: To backtrack a little, how did you originally get the part for Joey in the movie? Was there tough competition? Could you give us some details?

I got a call from my agent, read the script said I would like to do it  and meet with the casting people and then the director and producer. A lot of very talented people were up for Joey. You have to know when we made part 5 it was NUMBER ONE AT THE BOX OFFICE for over 2 weeks. A lot of actors were up for Joey, but I think because I played Joey's human side I got the role.

Q7: What is you favourite movie of all time? What is your favoured movie genre and last but not least what is your favourite horror movie - excluding the movies you were personally involved in ?

This is a very hard question. I love movies. Comedies, horror, low budget, big budget...I just love movies.

Q8: We presume you have heard of the new Jason project, "Jason X" - do you have any personal comments or views on this movie. Perhaps it's whole concept of taking Friday The 13th dramatically into the future. Maybe you would have liked to have been involved in some way, no? Any comments? Anything at all related to this upcoming feature...

I have heard about it. I wish them luck. I would like to direct a Friday the 13th. I have some interesting ideas. I will be back in Hollywood next week maybe I will stop by and talk to them about some of my ideas, but I could not give them here or else another Director might use them.

Q9: It appears as though you have moved away from the horror genre, distanced yourself from it. Why? Was it simply that you felt you should participate in a different movie genre or the fact that you didn't feel you were making or being involved in movies you really wanted to be in? Could you elaborate?

I have Not moved away from anything. I just finished a script - a horror film - which I might direct soon. I just like to mix things up - a comedy, a horror film, a drama and so on.

Q10: What is your favourite Friday The 13th movie? And what you do think of the progression of the series? Many believe Mrs Voorhees was the best killer character over Jason - what do you personally feel? Did you like the Jason character? Do you like the Jason character? Or were you involved in "A New Beginning" for stronger deeper reasons other than the work and fun of it?

I liked 1, 4 and 5. I think Tommy and Mrs Voorhees were great characters. I worry Jason is too strong now and this makes him not scary, but silly. I mean Jason could beat KING KONG. Come on...Jason needs to be brought down a little. I was involved in A New Beginning 100% because I liked the script and was involved in some story points in the film. I am happy the director and producers cared about my ideas and what I had to say.

Q11: What do you think of the online horror society, which I am sure you have stumbled across at least once or twice? Do you like the websites representing the genre on the whole?

I like 99% of the web sites I have seen. I think it is a great way for people to learn what really happens behind the screen. People who liked SCREAM and Friday the 13th will love EVIL LAUGH. This is a great way for all of us to talk about the kinds of films out there and what we love.

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