Christopher Bond interview

Christopher Bond interview

With the new Off-Broadway sensation Evil Dead: The Musical hitting the stage this month, director Christopher Bond took time out to speak to fearless Pit correspondent Cody Hamman about this song-and-dance reinvention of the cult 1983 Sam Raimi horror shocker. Sharing directoral duties with Bond is Tony Award winner Hinton Battle, while the show a book and lyrics by George Reinblatt, music by Frank Cipolla, Bond, Melissa Morris and Reinblatt and music supervision by Cipolla. Many thanks to Mr. Bond for his time and to Cody for his effort.

I don't think anyone would've guessed that The Evil Dead would some day be a musical. What inspired you to put this together?
I was performing in a production of the Rocky Horror Show back in 2002 and I saw this cult audience show up at the door every night and wondered if there was an idea out there that would draw a similar audience. I was always a huge fan of the horror genre and it only took one viewing of Evil Dead 2 to be inspired to make it into a musical. All the tell tale signs of a musical were there. It all happens in this amazing cabin that comes to life, with a jive-talking hero and many other fun characters, as well as a chorus of zombies. Somebody needed to bust out singing and we made it happen.

Bruce Campbell is a tough act to follow. Tell us about your Ash, and how you found him.
The truth is, he walked in off the street. Lucky is an understatement. Ryan Ward has been Ash in this show since day 1 back in Canada. He is a hardcore fan of the movies and brilliant comedic and physical performer. He was made for the role and has all the swagger of Bruce Campbell with half the chin.

Ryan Ward plays Ash.

Who will be playing Ash's unlucky camping companions?
We knew that when we showed up in New York that we would find some of The hottest young talent out there. Ash's best bud Scott is played by the hilarious Brandon Wardell, sister Cheryl is portrayed by the explosive Jenna Coker (even at 5'0 tall), Ash's girlfriend Linda is played by funny Lady Jennifer Byrne and Scott's date Shelly is hilarious and hot with Rene Klapmeyer.

There's a "Splatter Zone" in your audience, appropriate for the stage version of a movie that "kept the blood running down the screen". How do you handle gore effects in a live production?
Our show is meant to be an interactive experience. So when you're in The splatter zone, there is a really good chance that you are getting a Faceful of blood. We spray blood, ooze blood, splash blood, throw blood and Splatter blood. But don't worry, it washes out quite easily.

Have any of the cast or crew members of The Evil Dead films seen the musical?
Absolutely. Our show is very true to the movies and they are considered to be our top source for every detail of the show. Character, set, story, props, etc. All the actors have seen all three films, probably many times.

Fans all over want to see this production, is there any chance of a taped performance being released on DVD for the ones who can't make it to the shows?
Hmmm. No idea. But you never know when Evil Dead: The Musical will be coming to your town to bleed all over you. For now, if you want to see the greatest and funniest horror experience on the planet, you're going to have to come to the Big Apple.

Do you have any other movie-to-musical adaptation ideas in the works?
Of course we do, but if I told you, I'd have to .....well you know.


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