Bill Moseley (Choptop from TCM 2)

With over 30 film credits to his name Bill Moseley was born on the 11th November 1951 in Connecticut (USA) and is more commonly known to many of his fans as "Choptop", after his crazily great performance in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. More recently he played the part of Otis Driftwood in House of 1000 Corpses. After catching up with him at the Fango convention in NJ earlier this year, this short but insightful interview is well overdue...enjoy...

Bill Moseley as Choptop

1: What's your favorite horror movie?
My favorite horror movie has got to be Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead 2." Bruce Campbell's slapstick is unequalled, especially when his hand is possessed, and he smashes plates on his head and flips himself onto the floor! Sam's editing and camera work are fun and fantastic; I love Henrietta in the basement, love the gigantic sun sinking behind the clouds, the twisted bridge that guarantees that Ash will have to stay and do battle with the beast of the Necromicon!

2: What prompted you to get in the business and how did you land the role of Choptop in TCM 2?
I got into the horror business by accident and a good measure of luck. I wrote and produced a short film called "The Texas Chainsaw Manicure" back in the '80's in New York City. I wanted to sell the spoof to "Saturday Night Live," but they didn't bite. I showed it to a screenwriter friend of mine in LA who just happened at the time to have an office down the hall from Tobe Hooper. My buddy gave the tape to Tobe; Tobe watched it, loved my performance as the Hitchhiker and two years later, hired me to play Chop-Top in "Saw 2" on the basis of my 30-second cameo (and the fact that Ed Neal wanted too much money)!

I found out about that from Ed after we'd become pals years later. I owe much of my inspiration for Chop-Top to Ed, and I'll say that till I'm blue in the face! Ed Neal! Ed Neal! Ed Neal!

3: Talk to us about "The Devils Rejects"? Are you excited about working with legends such as Ken Foree and Michael Berryman?
"The Devil's Rejects" should be a kick-ass sequel to "House of 1000 Corpses." We begin shooting at the end of May, '04. I'm back as Otis B. Driftwood. Sheri Moon (now Sheri Zombie) returns as my sister, Baby; and you'll also be seeing a lot more of Captain Spaulding himself, Sid Haig. I can't give away too much of the plot, but suffice it to say, the Firefly family take our mayhem on the road. It's a lot more violent, sexual, gritty, and I'm looking forward to getting my white hair on and bashing in a few heads!

4: What's going on with Tobe Hooper's Brew? We heard it was on hold?
Tobe Hooper's "Brew" is no longer Tobe Hooper's. As of the end of April, '04, Tobe dropped out of "Brew" to make some movie called "Mortuary." I'm disappointed because it would have been my first time working with Tobe since "Saw 2." But rumor has it that another horror luminary is chomping at the bit to take over "Brew," so I'm looking forward to hoisting my mug after all!

5: What's next after 1000 corpses 2: The Devils Rejects?
What's next after "Devil's Rejects"? Probably another Cornbugs CD. Cornbugs is the band I have with former Guns N Roses guitar god Buckethead. We just put out our fourth CD, "Brain Circus," available at cornbugs.com or my website, choptopsbbq.com. And we've got another CD in the wings called "Donkey Town." I'm also doing another horror feature with producer Joe Majestic and the Ilya Salkind company called "Forest Primevil," to be directed by Tom Savini, with whom I worked on "Saw 2" and who directed me in the remake of "Night of the Living Dead." And it looks like HBO's doing at least another season of "Carnivale," on which I played Possum, the carny cook, so I may be back on that from time to time. I'm also appearing at several conventions like Chicago's Flashback Weekend and Baltimore's Horrorfind, Dragoncon in Atlanta, Comic Con in San Diego and come Halloween, Chiller Theatre in the good old New Jersey Meadowlands.

Thanks again for the interview!
Bill Moseley

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