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NEWS HUB Updated: Friday, 29 February 2008


'RED VELVET,' IF YOU PLEASE! -- [Posted 29 February 2008]

Red Velvet is the stylish new horror effort from 3Mac Studios. First-time helmer Bruce Dickson, who had previously handled visual effects on Spider-Man 3, directs, and Henry Thomas (Masters Of Horror: Chocolate) and Kelli Garner (Bully) star. Thomas plays a self-described "storyteller," whose macabre yarns intrigue his neighbor (Garner) following a chance encounter. How these tales of terror correlate with real-life events which may be happening around them provides the story's arc and catalyst for suspense. Look for a cameo by the legendary Forrest J. Ackerman! Red Velvet's new trailer can be viewed here, while clicking the graphic to the above right will take you to the official website.

The Pit and Dread Central are grateful to 3Mac Studios for their generous sponsorship to FEAR FEST 2, and we are all too happy to feature a Red Velvet panel featuring both Thomas (in his first convention appearance) and Garner, plus a world-premiere screening of the film. As several new guests have been added to the docket (particularly a punch-up of our Fright Night reunion!), and as there have unfortunately been a few cancelations, you might want to check Fear Fest's guest page for the updated line-up. Hope to see you this weekend!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

GEORGE ROMERO DROPS BY THE PIT! -- [Posted 20 February 2008]

The man responsible for the zombie genre--the great George A. Romero--has very kindly taken part in a short interview with the Pit, conducted by our own Paul Salfen. With his newly released Diary Of The Dead, Mr. Romero imparts some movie-making wisdom, and proves to be a great sport all the while.

The interview can be read here. Enjoy.

Many thanks to George Romero for the interview!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

JESSICA ALBA COMPLETES A TWO-PUNCH.... -- [Posted 3 February 2008]

We've seen the commercial for The Eye, and it looks pretty damned good. But even better-looking is star Jessica Alba, who kindly gave our intrepid correspondent Paul Salfen an insightful interview about her preperations upon playing a blinded character and her thoughts on other possibly recurring genre roles (think, Fantastic Four, Sin City, etc.). The Eye has opened at the #2 spot domestically, but during a rather tepid box office weekend for the competition as well. Let's hope things pick up. Read Paul's interview here, or just click the above graphic to your right.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

....INTERVIEW WITH DIANE LANE! -- [Posted 31 January 2008]

Veteran actress Diane Lane, who has graced the screen in countless motion pictures such as Murder At 1600, The Perfect Storm and Hollywoodland has kindly spoken to the Pit about her current role in the well-publicized Untraceable. The tale of a tech-savvy detective on the trail of a diabolical murderer who uses the internet as his thrill-show forum, her character takes on such a heroic mantle as Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) in Silence Of The Lambs.

The interview was conducted by Paul Salfen and can be read here. Great job!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

CRIMSON AND 'CLOVERFIELD' OVER AND OVER! -- [Posted 20 January 2008]

Cloverfield It's been the subject of much internet buzz and pre-release curiosity for several months now, but Cloverfield's strong opening weekend ($41 million domestic box office) is a nice shot in the arm for the genre and a welcome paycheck for Matt Reeve's unconventional approach to a modern monster menace. Utilizing a Blair Witch Project-like camcorder presentation with no musical score, Cloverfield elicits a frightful realism that melds with believable performances from its talented young cast. But don't take my word for it--read Petch's review for the lowdown on this feisty and ferocious reptilian romp.

It just occurred to me, reading Petch's review would in fact be "taking my word" since it's Petch who is actually writing this Hub piece....can't I say anything original? Hell, you know the drill. Just click the above hyperlink or graphic to the right and be magically transported.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

WE HAVE WINNERS! -- [Posted 18 January 2008]

Pit Of Horror

As per the Fango-Austin contest, here are the winners:

Gold Pass Winner
Walker Robertson + 1

General Admission winners
Jose Gonzales + 1
Paul Baxton + 1
James Henlsey + 1
Randi Huffpauir + 1
Lynn Mikeska
Carolyn O'steen

Thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to those who won! See you all at the show. Oh, and don't miss my TX Chainsaw reunion panel at 2:30pm on Saturday. I will also be introducing and hosting the TCM 2 screening Saturday night at Midnight! Don't miss it!

[Posted By John Gray]

STEPHEN ROMANO WEBSITE NOW LIVE! -- [Posted 15 January 2008]

Stephen Romano If you haven't heard of Stephen Romano, you surely will soon. This 26-year-old Austin-based wunderkind has written "Incident On And Off A Mountain Road," the pilot episode of Showtime's celebrated Masters Of Horror series (directed by Don Coscarelli), plus several original and tie-in novels to include The Riot Act, Zombie and The Gates Of Hell. Moreover, he will share a table with the Pit's own John Gray at Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors this weekend in Austin. You can also check him out on MySpace to learn more.

But he--and we--would particularly like you to visit his recently-launched website Shock Festival. An overview of his work as well as a treasure trove of retro grindhouse-style genre features, this impressively-designed page grows on you very quickly. So check it out, and best wishes to Stephen!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

WIN A FREE PASS TO FANGO-AUSTIN! -- [Posted 14 January 2008]

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors

All right, Pitsters, you all know that Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors takes place in Austin this weekend and that John Gray will be on-hand. What you didn't know is that our good friends at Fangoria have very generously donated some free passes for our latest giveaway contest. Ten lucky winners will each receive a general admission ticket, while one extra-lucky bastard will get a pair of GOLD PASSES (the grand prize). To enter, simply email us with the answers to the following three trivia questions:

1. What true-life mass murderer from Plainfield, Wisconsin did horror star Kane Hodder portray in a 2006 feature film?
2. Make-up FX maestro Tom Savini's first film, a horror yarn about an undead Vietnam veteran (not giving the title here, 'cause it's too easy that way), was directed by whom?
3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 star Lou Perryman had a small role as a construction worker in what blockbuster Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg collaboration?

Shit, those can't be too difficult. Now, this is important, so pay attention. All entries must be received by Thursday, January 17th. You MUST include your name, address and telephone number with the entry, because we've got a very short window of time to get your passes to you, if you're a winner. So get to answering, and good luck to everyone!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Halloween IV A minor adjustment to the upcoming Friday Night Frights engagements, people. The screenings of Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers and Hatchet, originally scheduled for January 11th and 25th, respectively, have been consolidated into one double feature for January 25th! That's two for the price of one, amigos! And don't forget, the fourth Michael Myers flick turns twenty this year, so that's an occasion unto itself. So getcha' ass down to the Studio Movie Grill in Lewistown, where doors open at 9:00 p.m. for a 9:30 curtain. And as always, enjoy the show!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

MORE ON FANGO-CON IN AUSTIN! -- [Posted 12 January 2008]

Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors

As mentioned a few items below, John Gray will be at Fangoria's Weekend Of Horrors in Austin next weekend (Jan. 18-20) and will host the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion panel. In addition to the complimentary pair of VIP Fear Fest '08 passes which will go to one lucky son of a bitch, he will also be selling Fear Fest tickets at the Pit Of Horror/Stephen Romano table in the convention hall. Moreover, the show has added Sean Clark plus Elise and Elektra Avellan, stars of his upcoming The Black Waters Of Echo Pond, to promote the film.

Go to Creation Entertainment for tickets to Fango!

[Posted By John Gray]


Fulci DVD Just a quick reminder that Mike Barona's new commemorative DVD PAURA: Lucio Fulci Remembered, Vol. 1 will be available for pre-order beginning this Sunday, January 13th. This labor of love will prove to be the ultimate must-have disc for fans of the late Italian auteur, known for such memorable works as Zombie and The New York Ripper. The DVD will ship in mid-February. Check the official website for details on how to order.

Thanks to Mike Baronas for the update!

[Posted By John Gray]


Ray Park as Darth Maul Join me and the Fear Fest crew at Dallas Comic Con January 12th & 13th, come out and meet Saw star Shawnee Smith for a rare signing appearance. Fear Fest will have a table at the show and a TON of FREE Fear Fest tickets including VIPs, Silver packages, Weekend passes and MORE! First come, first serve...

Other guests include:

Ray Park - Darth Maul in THE PHANTOM MENACE, just cast as Snake Eyes!
Steve Niles - creator of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (free poster to first 100 people)
Nick Derington - lead animator on A SCANNER DARKLY
Tim Bradstreet - THE PUNISHER cover and movie poster artist
James O'Barr - creator and artist of THE CROW
and many more!

General admission is just $5 - five bucks! Kids 12 and under are free with paid adult. Shop the collectible-filled dealer room, and all attendees walk away with cool free promos. The show is held at the Richardson Civic Center, conveniently located on the Southwest corner of Arapaho Road and 75, just North of 635. Hours are 11am-6pm on Saturday, and 12pm-4pm on Sunday. Do not miss this event! For more information check out the official website.

[Posted By John Gray]


Fear Fest 2 Texas Fear Fest (March 7, 8 & 9) will be helping to raise money and awareness for the West Memphis Three, three men who have been falsely imprisoned for murder since 1993. Recently completed DNA testing (not available back in 1993) does not match any of the three men, and their many supporters hope to see them freed in the near future. Tammy Adin (coordinator for the West Memphis Three World Awareness Day) and Anje Vela (president of Music4Life) will be teaming up with John Gray of Texas Fear Fest to bring donated items from Skeleton Key Auctions and other sources for a huge silent auction of memorabilia, artwork and many other items, to raise money for the West Memphis Three's legal defense fund.


John Gray (TX Fear Fest)
Tammy Adin (Coordinator for the West Memphis Three World Awareness Day)
Anje Vela (President of Music4Life)

More information on the West Memphis Three is available on the official website

[Posted By John Gray]

HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND A NEW MOVIE REVIEW! -- [Posted 1 January 2008]

Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem
New Years Day 2008 has arrived, and John's got his review of Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem ready to read. It's a new year this very day, with new frights looming on the horizon and new villains waiting to scare us for the 935th time. But it's a treat to be paid a visit from our old adversaries like the Predator and the Alien. Long may they loom on our fearful horizon, and let's hope this movie rings a few cherries at the box office.

Read John's review here. And Happy New Year from the Pit!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


John Gray I will be hosting The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion panel at Fangoria - Austin, and the first lucky sucker to catch my attention (after I'm done with the panel of course) gets a pair of VIP tickets to Fear Fest 2.

We will also be hosting a giveaway right here on The Pit for Fangoria GOLD passes as well as TONS of general admission tickets. More information is linked below.

Read the article here.

[Posted By John Gray]


Friday Night Frights

John Gray's dance card has been pretty well punched with Job and Fear Fest issues of late, but not so much that Friday Night Frights has to suffer. So Dallas-area fans can rejoice that the late-night movie phenomenom will continue in 2008, with no less that two shows in January alone!

The Movie Studio Grill in Lewisville, TX, will host a 20-year anniversary screening of Halloween IV: The Return Of Michael Myers on Friday, 11 January 2008, complete with a vintage 35mm print of the film. Curtain at 9:30 p.m. Then, two weeks later on 25 January 2008, Adam Green's new instant classic Hatchet will be shown, same bat-time, same bat-place. If you live in the Dallas area and you miss them, you're bat-screwed. More information can be found at Friday Night Fright's MySpace Page.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'HATCHET' DVD GIVEAWAY CONTEST! -- [Posted 15 December 2007]

Hatchet With Adam Green's celebrated old-school slasher Hatchet finally hitting home video this Tuesday, the Pit has procured three unrated DVD copies for our latest giveaway contest. As you remember, Hatchet is the grisly story of an ill-fated group of tourists who become stranded in the swamps near New Orleans and come face to face with a terrifying local legend. Horror celebrity Kane Hodder stars as the menacing Victor Crowley, while the film also features appearances from such other genre luminaries as Robert Englund, Tony Todd and Joshua Leonard.

This contest will once again be in the trivia question format. Only participating members of our Guts And Gory discussion forum are eligible to participate, so head on over, register and start posting if you're new. Without further ado, the three trivia questions are:

1. Robert Englund appeared as "Willie," a sympathetic alien, in what 1984 sci-fi television miniseries?
2. What prominent horror sequel, in which Tony Todd played the title character, was also set in New Orleans?
3. Kane Hodder appeared in a non-Jason speaking role cameo in which Friday The 13th installment?

Email your responses to pitwebteam@yahoo.com with "Hatchet Contest" as your subject heading. These questions aren't terribly difficult, so good luck to all. And even if you don't win, make sure you rent (or even better, purchase) a copy of Hatchet when it hits shelves this Tuesday!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'BLADE RUNNER: THE FINAL CUT' REVIEWED! -- [Posted 14 December 2007]

Blade Runner: The Final Cut The early 1980's saw Harrison Ford's rise to superstardom through his roles as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but in 1982 he appeared as Rick Deckard in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, an ambitious sci-fi vehicle which did so-so bank at the box office but later became a much-loved cult classic. Now Ridley has assembled the ultimate, definitive edition of the film, Blade Runner: The Final Cut, due out on video this month. John Gray has seen it and says it rocks the clocks. Check out his review here, and remember that there are still (as of this posting) ten more shopping days 'til Christmas!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

MICHALE GRAVES SET TO ROCK 'FEAR JAM'! -- [Posted 13 December 2007]

Michale Graves Michale Graves, formerly of The Misfits, will headline Fear Jam, the rock concert event of Fear Fest '08 on Saturday, March 8th. Also onstage will be First Jason, featuring original Jason Voorhees actor Ari Lehman, and the Razorblade Dolls. Opening act will be the Horrifics. The concert will be begin at 8:00 p.m. Following the performances will be a midnight screening of the X-rated Black Devil Doll (over 18's only).

Admission is $13 general admission, $6 silver guests and free for VIP's. The event is sponsored by Black Friday. When we say Fear Fest '08 is gonna rock, we mean it both figuratively and literally!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

KANE HODDER'S BACK FOR FEAR FEST 2! -- [Posted 10 December 2007]

Kane Hodder This just in! Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees in four of the Friday The 13th installments, will be gracing our guest line-up for a second time at Fear Fest 2. A longtime veteran of the genre, Hodder was recently seen as Victor Crowley in the well-received Hatchet (due out on video next week) as well as turns in Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield, Wishmaster, Prison and much more. He will be joining a panel of Jason alumni which already includes Ari Lehman, Ted White and C.J. Graham.

And Kane's not the only new addition to the list. Brooke Theiss, who played the entomophobic Debbie in Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master and who suffers an extra-gruesome and Kafka-esque fate in that role, will be joining our fantastic Elm Street Reunion panels along with cast members from that film. Fear Fest 2 is shaping up to be the horror event of 2008, so if you miss this one, you'll be kicking yourself. And we'll kick you a few times, too, just for good measure. Full details at the official website.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'HALLOWEEN' COMIC ON THE WAY! -- [Posted 10 December 2007]

Halloween: Nightdance Beginning in February, the original storyline begun in John Carpenter's Halloween will continue with a new comic book series from Devil's Due Publishing. Written By Stefan Hutchinson ("25 Years Of Terror" Director) and illustrated by Tim Seeley ("Hack Slash" Creator), Halloween: Nightdance will be a 4-Issue Monthly Limited Series. Michael Myers returns! On October 31st, evil descends on the small town of Russellville, Illinois. A young girl named Lisa discovers that a secret from her past has come back to haunt her, and he’s leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Each issue of this series will feature, amongst its variants, an alternate comic book by a "Master Of Comic Book Horror!" The "Masters Of Comic Book Horror" cover for Issue 1 is painted by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz (Stray Toasters, Elektra, 30 Days Of Night). The series will be supplemented by a dedicated website, opening later in 2008. Many thanks to Stefan Hutchinson for passing this on to us!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'THE MIST' FINALLY GETS A PIT REVIEW! -- [Posted 2 December 2007]

The Mist We know, we've heard it. It's already been out for a week and a half. It's doing so-so at the box office. It's got that fucked up ending....okay, okay. Nonetheless, we'd be remiss if we didn't review Frank Darabont's impressive adaptation of the Stephen King novella The Mist. Darabont, you remember, is the fellow who kicked ass with his film versions of King's Rita Hayworth And Shawshank Redemption short story and later The Green Mile chapbook series. And he mines some more aesthetic gold here, although it's got an ending that'll get under your skin.

Read Petch's review, then go see the damned thing. If you don't agree that the ending of The Mist "plumbs heretofore uncharted depths of fucked-up-ness" (man, what a great pull-quote that would be for the DVD cover, but we don't see it happening), then you're pretty hardcore. And you scare us.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

MORE ON THE FULCI COMMEMORATIVE DVD! -- [Posted 2 December 2007]

Fulci Our friend Mike Baronas reports that Mark Jason Murray has completed an intensive interview regarding his upcoming Fulci memorial DVD release. Feel free to check it out at this link. As reported earlier, the DVD will be released independently under the Paura Productions moniker and will have a street date of February 2008. EXTREMELY special pre-order autographed editions will be made available early next year. Check the official site for all the details on this and additional progress.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

MARCUS NISPEL TO TALK 'FRIDAY' REMAKE! -- [Posted 30 November 2007]

Friday The 13th Director Marcus Nispel will discuss his plans for the upcoming remake of Friday The 13th this Sunday, December 2 at 6pm EST on the internet podcast show Movie Geeks United! Listeners may call in during the live broadcast at 718-508-9477 or log onto our chat room to converse with other movie fans for the duration of the show. The podcast will be archived and available for replay at any time.

Go to www.blogtalkradio.com/moviegeeksunited to listen in. And thanks to Jamey Duvall for the heads-up!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'FURNACE' DVD SET FOR FEBRUARY RELEASE! -- [Posted 30 November 2007]

Furnace Gruesome deaths and horrifying secrets unravel from the flames as Genius Products releases Melee Entertainment and Swirl Films’ heart-pounding supernatural thriller Furnace on DVD February 12, 2008. Featuring an all-star cast that includes Michael Paré (Eddie And The Cruisers), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Danny Trejo (The Devil’s Rejects), and multi-platinum hip hop recording artists Ja Rule (The Fast and The Furious) and Paul Wall, this feature is directed by William Butler (Madhouse), who has also acted in key roles in such horror staples as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Night Of The Living Dead (1990) and Friday The 13th, Part VII. Check out the official site for more information. And thanks again to Miranda Watkins for the report!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'KRAMPUS' BOASTS ALL-STAR HORROR CAST! -- [Posted 30 November 2007]

Krampus In case you haven't met the Krampus, he's a seven-foot tall cloven-hoofed goat man who roams the earth to claim those unfortunate less-than-righteous ones. And he's coming to a scream--er, make that a screen--near you, courtesy of Twister Mouse Entertainment. And if that doesn't have your attention, then this cast list should.

Barbara Nedeljakova (Hostel) stars alongside Jeepers Creepers monster Jonathan Breck as the protagonist leads, with Eileen Dietz (the face of Pazuzu in The Exorcist) co-starring with Charles Cyphers ("Sheriff Brackett" from the first two Halloween pictures). Real-life siblings Hunter and Ashley Gomez will also appear. Krampus will be filming Spring 2008 in Texas. The budget is $9 million USD. For further details, visit the official website. Many thanks to Amanda Carver for the info!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

WANT SOME 'P2' MEMORABILIA? -- [Posted 11 November 2007]

P2 If you've seen P2 and would like some artifacts from the film, then listen up! Our good friends at Big Fan Boy have scored three important items from the film, and they're going to just give 'em away! That is, if you're a lucky winner in their contest. And how do you enter their contes? Glad you asked, because I just happen to have a link right here with contest instructions.

In the meantime, let's support it by going to see it this weekend! Hell, John has given his recommendation to the movie, so that's got to stand for something.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

IT GETS SPOOKY 'AFTER DARK'.... -- [Posted 10 November 2007]

After Dark More news from our friends at After Dark. Their acclaimed tour includes such notable entries as Crazy Eights, Nightmare Man, Borderland and Tooth And Nail. If they're anything like last year's entries (and I should know--I work for Movie Gallery), then they're going to go through the roof once they hit video. Can't wait to see this new round-up of fresh talent.

But surely you don't want to wait that long, especially if they're going to be playing on a screen near you. For more information on the touring cinematic performances, click here. And if you can make one of the dates, by all means check it out! This looks to be a wowser!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'TROLL 2' REUNION FOR FEAR FEST! -- [Posted 5 November 2007]

Troll 2 Like the Halloween announcement wasn't enough, here's our latest. A screening of Troll 2 will take place at TX Fear Fest '08, with a panel that will include actors Darren Ewing, George Hardy and Michael Stephenson. With this 1990 cult classic looming ever more salient, you're sure to be sold on an outdoor screening, in grand 35mm stock, projected right in your face.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'SAW IV' CONTEST READY TO ROLL! -- [Posted 5 November 2007]

SAW IV Saw IV is an unmitigated hit ($51 million in ten days, and counting)! Just at the point in time at which karma should have declared the franchise had reached its peak, this fourth entree dares to ring the cherries at the box office. Jigsaw and Amanda may be dead, but it's hardly over for the agenda set into motion. Meanwhile, our friends at Big Fan Boy have a giveaway that they're just aching to part with. All you have to do is mail in your ticket stubs for having gone to see Saw IV, or if you're a little more creative, post a photo of your Halloween costume this year. If you want more specifics, check out their Posting Forum. They'll give you all the essentials. But hurry, because the offer ends tonight (November 5th)!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'THE TRIPPER' KEEPS ON TRUCKING! -- [Posted 5 November 2007]

The Tripper Now that David Arquette's directoral debut The Tripper is available on DVD, it's high time to pull out the stops and promote this mutha! And so we shall, starting with a neat-o promo clip which includes shots from our recent Fear Festconvention (the numbshits putting together the DVD list it as "Fright Fest," but oh well....). The movie still rocks our world, and hopefully yours, once you see it. To view the clip, click here. Then go rent The Tripper, or better yet, buy it. It's worth the bucks.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

HALLOWEEN UPDATE - NEW FEAR FEST GUESTS! -- [Posted 31 October 2007]

Chris Sarandon. It's Halloween, so naturally the Pit has got a great, large shitload of Fear Fest guest additions to announce. Veteran actor Chris Sarandon has joined our ever-growing Fright Night reunion, while director Renny Harlin (Nightmare On Elm Street IV: The Dream Master) will be a part of our massive Elm Street alumni section. On a related note, Elm Street II: Freddy's Revenge hottie Kim Myers has also signed on. Original Jason actor Ari Lehman will be onhand with his be onhand with his band First Jason for live entertainment. And fans of the 1982 cult classic Madman will get a chance to meet the title character himself, actor Paul Ehlers in a rare convention appearance.

For the rest of the most recent adds, visit the Fear Fest site and scroll down to the "Just Added" section near the bottom. And Happy Halloween from the Pit!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Zombie Live Returning to his first love music, horror auteur Rob Zombie has released a brand new live album, recorded during his recent Educated Horses tour. Lined from wall to wall with no less than eighteen tracks, this blistering set includes a healthy dose of White Zombie classics such as "More Human Than Human" and "Thunderkiss '65" as well solo standouts like "Dragula," "Living Dead Girl," "Superbeast," "Never Gonna Stop" and new classic "American Witch." Also look for live renditions of non-single fan favorites such as "House Of 1000 Corpses," "Demon Speeding" and ""Let It All Bleed Out."

Check out Petch's review, then go out snag a copy!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Adam Green. Anchor Bay Entertainment, the industry leader in contemporary and classic horror programming, announces the acquisition of the theatrical and home media distribution rights to Spiral, the highly anticipated follow-up feature from Adam Green, writer/director of the independent cult horror film Hatchet. Spiral also reunites Green with Hatchet star Joel David Moore.

Moore plays Mason, a reclusive artist who finds new life in the eyes of his latest subject Amber (Amber Tamblyn, The Grudge 2). Wrestling with inner demons waiting to surface, he grapples with a past that not only haunts him, but may come to haunt her as well. Zachary Levi and Tricia Helfer co-star in the spellbinding psychodrama. Sprial will play in exclusive theatrical engagements in early 2008.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Danielle Harris. Rob Zombie's Halloween has barely run its course in cinemas when a December 18 video release date has just been announced. Add in a Monsters HD marathon of the first six Halloween films--on Halloween, no less!--and it makes perfect sense that Danielle Harris, co-star of Zombie's film and veteran of two of the earlier films, participate in an exclusive interview with John Gray! The gracious actress recounts her memories of playing Jamie Lloyd in Halloween IV and V as well as her performance as Annie Brackett in the remake, plus enthuses about new and upcoming projects. The Pit thanks Danielle for taking the time to grace us with her comments, which you can read in John's interview here.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'HATCHET' FOR DECEMBER 18TH DVD! -- [Posted 26 October 2007]

This comes from Movie Gallery, and I'm of a mind to believe it--I'm employed with them. So unless the date suddenly changes, let's make sure this one jumps out the chutes and lands on the aces, with Victor Crowley lurking onto your home screens on December 18 when Hatchet is presently scheduled to debut. I've been pushing the hell out of Wrong Turn 2, and so has at least one other MGA brutha on this board, so let's keep the cycle going! Let's not forget that director Adam Green has at least one, of not more, follow-up tales in mind for Hatchet.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'CRAZY EIGHTS' HEADLINES NEW FESTIVAL! -- [Posted 26 October 2007]

Crazy Eights With After Dark's second annual Horrorfest making its way to theaters starting today, it's only appropriate that the final film to be announced. Crazy Eights is the story of six friends who reunite and open a time capsule buried decades ago that they realize, to their horror, contains the body of a child. Now, isn't that a premise sure to keep you glued to your TV? Be reasonable!

The After Dark folks have always steered us in good directions, so be sure to click here and follow the links to get your Horrorfest tickets!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

THE WRAP ON 'SAW IV'! -- [Posted 26 October 2007]

Tobin Bell in SAW IV. With the release of latest Jigsaw romp Saw IV today, the Pit's got a double whammy for fans of this serrated saga. First up, associate Paul Salfen has an exclusive interview with none other than Tobin Bell, the actor behind the twisted morality manipulator. Bell talks about his approach to the character as well as the implied continuation of the series, even though when last seen, Jigsaw seemed to have a severe case of "the deads." Read the interview here.

Meanwhile, with the movie unspooling on screens across the country, Petch Lucas has provided the Pit Of Horror review of the film, so be sure and check that out. Then shake loose of a few bucks and hit up your local cineplex for this gruesome goodness!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Visit The Alamo!

The Alamo Ritz, an offshoot of Austin's original Alamo Drafthouse, is slated to open on November 1st, with a smorgasbord of flicks 'n vittles to kick off the festivities. On the silver screen will be such obscure delights as King Corn and Confessions Of A Super Hero as well as mainstream fare such as I Am Legend and No Country For Old Men. For further information (including details of what delicacies chef Trish Eichelberger has planned for the menu), visit their Official Blog, or click the above image for their main site.

Sounds tasty....and entertaining!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


The late, great Lucio Fulci Mike Baronas of Paura Productions has taken it upon himself to compile the 90 on-camera and audio interviews in his possession and release a limited-edition memorial DVD to the late Lucio Fulci. Entitled Paura: Lucio Fulci Remembered, this first volume of possible future editions will treat Fulci fans to tales from those he worked closest with as well as his contemporaries with the hope of shedding some light upon the often misunderstood maestro.

The DVD will be released independently under the Paura Productions moniker and will have a street date of February 2008. EXTREMELY special pre-order autographed editions will be made available early next year. Check the official site for all the details on this and additional progress.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

NEW REVIEWS GALORE ON THE PIT! -- [Posted 14 October 2007]

Just of the five....Just of the five....Just of the five....

John Gray has got the goods on a five-piece o' goodies, starting with the parking garage thriller P2, which hits cinemas next month. You'll never ask yourself "Now where did I park?" again with the same indifference. Elsewhere, recent video release Flight Of The Living Dead: Outbreak On A Plane features some high-flying undead folks, while Plasterhead will make you think twice before driving through Rolling Glen, West Virginia. The feisty New Zealand indie Black Sheep is finally arriving, and it's an acclaimed horrific hoot. And then there's the adaptation of Steve Niles' and Ben Templesmith's graphic novel 30 Days Of Night, which just might be a modern cult classic.

...and here's the other two....and here's the other two.

They're all on the Pit, and accessible by their hyperlinked titles, so check 'em out first chance you get!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

ANCHOR BAY JUMPS ONBOARD WITH BLU RAY! -- [Posted 11 October 2007]

Anchor Bay Ever looking after our beloved genre, the good folks at Anchor Bay have committed to releasing several classic films onto the state-of-the-art Blu Ray format, which offers far-superior audio/video quality. John Gray has provided capsule reviews for a handful of these releases, including such classics as Halloween, Dawn Of The Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn, plus a couple of Masters Of Horror transfers which have happily landed into this new format. You can read the whole enchilada here.

And if you happen to own a Blu Ray player, check them out at your first opportunity!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

LATEST FEAR FEST 'O8 GUEST ADDS! -- [Posted 9 October 2007]

Linnea Quigley The announcement we promised you a few days ago is here now! Fear Fest '08 proudly announces its latest round of guest additions, the trio of Return Of The Living Dead ladies consisting of Linnea Quigley, Beverly Randolph and Jewel Shepard. Moreover, Lezlie Deane (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare) scores a rare repeat appearence, making this arguably the best-attended Elm Street reunion to date! And for the coup de grace, acclaimed British director Neil Marshall (The Descent) has signed on. We are honored to have this gentleman, plus all these lovely ladies, aboard our rolling freight train of horror greatness!

This goes without saying, but....keep watching this space for more guest announcements!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'SAW IV' IS ON THE WAY! -- [Posted 9 October 2007]

Like we didn't think SAW IV would be coming.... Here's the rub on this fourth serrated installment.

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm (Scott Patterson) and Agent Perez, arrive at the depleted police precinct and help veteran Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) sift through Jigsaw's latest grizzly game of victims and piece together the puzzle. However, when SWAT Commander Rigg, the last officer untouched by Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), is suddenly abducted and thrust into the madman's harrowing game, the officer has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of interconnected traps....or face the deadly consequences.

Rigg's citywide pursuit leaves a wake of dead bodies, and Detective Hoffman and the FBI uncover long hidden clues that lead them back to Jigsaw's ex-wife Jill (Betsy Russell). The genesis of Jigsaw's evil is unveiled, exposing the puppet master's true intentions and the sinister plan for his past, present and future victims.

Okay, we're onboard. Check out the trailer at the official site.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'RISEN' RISES TO THE OCCASION! -- [Posted 9 October 2007]

Risen For Sam Mills (Joseph Thackery), his wife Jenny (Gigi Erneta) and his brother Nick (Jason Harper) the dawn of a new day in suburbia quickly becomes hell on earth when an army of flesh-eating dead invades. With their infant daughter suddenly lost in a city abandoned by the living and ruled by the dead, Sam and Jenny embark on a desperate mission to find her. Their paths cross with Amad (Mohammad Ahmed) and AK (Karim Irteimeh). When the rising tide of the dead forces them into a makeshift rescue station under the rule of a lone Texas Ranger (Steven Lee) and besieged by ravenous hordes, they fight to prove that a parent's love for a child is a force not even the undead can stop. When the dead have risen, some things are more important than survival.

Risen is a zombie movie for zombie fans by zombie fans thus creating Ad-Hoc Films as a joint interest of multiple private investors and 3 production companies (Frame By Frame, RedTrac Productions, and Jackalope Entertainment) that came together to create this tale. Risen is a community project drawing on the love of the genre and the expertise of experienced film professionals, and was shot in central Texas in High Definition on the Sony HD 900 CineAlta. Distribution rights are currently available.

Check out the website here. We'll bring you more info as it becomes available to us!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

DIDN'T WE RECENTLY PROMISE MORE GUESTS ?!? -- [Posted 2 October 2007]

Click Here For The Current Full Guest List! Damn skippy, we did. And now we're announcing 'em! So without further ado, if you are attending Fear Fest '08, you can expect to shake hands with Chucky's own first nemesis, Alex Vincent (who played Andy Barclay in the first two Child's Play films), as well as Leonard Lies, memorable as the zombie who gets machete'd in the head by Tom Savini in 1978's Dawn Of The Dead. Also, we've got two more Elm Street alumni to add to our ever-growing Fred Krueger series reunion, the first being Shon Greenblatt, who played John in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. Then there's wunderkind Miko Hughes, all grown up now....but he was the child who not only starred opposite Heather Langenkamp as "Dylan" in Wes Craven's New Nightmare but also portrayed the tragic Gage Creed in the horrifying 1989 adaption of Stephen King's Pet Sematary. To view the current guest list in its entirety, just click on the "Gage" graphic to the upper left.

And be assured you ain't heard the last yet--not by a longshot. We've got another surprise coming, guest-wise....which we can hopefully confirm and announce within a few days! So getcha' ass back here and check it out! Daily, if necessary....

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Dallas is just a horror-happenin' town these days, ain't it? Here's the rub on the latest. Hollywood Roadshow's live horror-themed charity auction will be held on Saturday, October 20 in Dallas. Up for bid will be rare items from Resident Evil: Extinction, which opened in the top spot at the North American box office last weekend; Jeepers Creepers; Silent Hill; Ultraviolet; War of the Worlds; 1408; and Rob Zombie’s Halloween. Sounds enticing, no? Check these guys out.

Hollywood Roadshow

For more information on the items up for bid, please visit the official site. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Dallas Police Assist The Officer Foundation.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Fallen Angels Mr. Weird's Grindhouse and Dallas Movie Guide presents a special screening of the new horror film Fallen Angels with Ruth Buzzi (Golden Globe winning actress from "Laugh-In") live in person this Thursday, October 4th at 7:30 p.m. at Studio Movie Grill in Addison, TX (5405 Belt Line Road). Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is $10.

When a turn of the century prison reformatory is slated for demolition, a grisly discovery is made. Hidden deep underground beneath the west cell block is a sub-basement structure that has not been entered in 100 years. Inside are the skeletal remains of several brutally slain children. As a CSI team arrives at the prison, an even more disturbing discovery is made that will eventually unveil a legion of seven demons and their even more chilling origins: each demon is responsible for one of the seven deadly sins.

Kevin McCarthy in FALLEN ANGELS.

Also starring these horror genre faves:

Bill Moseley (The Devil's Rejects)
Michael Dorn ("Star Trek: The Next Generation")
Adrienne Curry ("America's Next Top Model")
Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers)
Reggie Bannister (Phantasm)
Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes)
David Hess (Last House on the Left)
Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th, Parts VII, VIII, IX & X)
Martin Kove (The Karate Kid)
R.A. Mihailoff (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III)
Ruth Buzzi ("Laugh-In")

For more info:


[Posted By Paul Salfen]

JOHNATHAN SCHAECH HITS THE PIT! -- [Posted 26 September 2007]

Jonathan Schaech I interviewed Johnathon Schaech for Sea Of Dreams (not a horror movie), but he had some interesting comments about upcoming horror stuff:

I wrote this episode of Masters Of Horror last year called "The Washingtonians," and we’re going to write for them again this year – now for NBC. It was fun, different and unique. I’m working on a Stephen King adaptation with Tobe Hooper called From A Buick 8 and another Stephen King movie with Sam Jackson. I’m in that world. We just sat down last Thursday for a re-write and we’re talking about this one character and the script says, “The flesh should be torn from his body” and he’s going, “I don’t know, I don’t know”. And he turns to me and goes, “Yeah, skin him”. So I’m going, “Yeah, the guy from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre said, 'Skin him' – this is great!

We can't wait to hear more!

[Posted By Paul Salfen]

TWO NEW GUESTS FOR FEAR FEST! -- [Posted 25 September 2007]

Mike Christopher and Kelly Jo Minter will appear at FEAR FEST '08! You ain't goan believe this, but we've landed two brand spanking-assed new guests for Fear Fest '08, and they're both first-time conventioners. Kelly Jo Minter, familiar to Elm Street fans as Yvonne in fifth installment The Dream Child also appeared in The Lost Boys and The People Under The Stairs, and she's now onboard. Meanwhile, we have a special treat for fans of George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead: Mike Christopher, who memorably played the Hare Krishna zombie, will be onhand as well.

This growing guest list just keeps on truckin' through the night, so make sure you're there in March!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

A LITTLE CHAT WITH MILLA JOVOVICH! -- [Posted 21 September 2007]

Milla Jovovich With the Resident Evil: Extinction hitting screens tomorrow, The Pit scores double-whammy with not only John Gray's review of the film, but also an interview with headlining star Milla Jovovich conducted by Paul Salfen! With previous appearances in such well-received films as Dazed And Confused, The Fifth Element and The Messenger, Ms. Jovovich's resume remains most impressive. The lovely actress discusses the new film and her experiences playing heroine "Alice" in the trio of undead action thrillers. So have a look at the interview and review at first opportunity!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

A TRIO OF SPECIAL EDITION DVD'S ARRIVE! -- [Posted 20 September 2007]

The 80's were a great decade for horror, not only for the celebrated slasher showcases but also for eclectic horror. Now on DVD are three classic titles which get the Special Edition treatment, and John has lent his reviews. First up is Lamberto Bava's acclaimed Demons and it's sequel (both reviewed on the same page), in which the Italian guru of gore enlisted the writing talent of Giallo fave Dario Argento. And then there is Stuart Gordon's beloved and ambitious From Beyond, based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft and featuring performances by genre mainstays Jeffery Combs, Barbara Crampton and Ken Foree.

Some DEMONS Just Want To Have Fun....

With a price tag to fit your Samhain season budget, these tricks will make nice treats for your candy bag this year, so look for them at your local retailer.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Click This Image To Read John Gray's Review! You remember it from late night Cinemax back in the early 80's, or if you were lucky enough, you caught it on the big screen at a midnight showing. No matter. Tony Maylam's 1981 classic The Burning has just been released in a pristine Special Edition DVD. Graced by the special make-up effects by celebrated splattermeister Tom Savini, this is the brutal tale of hideously-scarred maniac Cropsy as he takes his vengeance on the new counselors at the summer camp where he was horrifically burned years before. Featuring the all-new "Blood 'N Fire Memories" featurette and all-new director's commentary, plus the original trailer, this one is sure to be treasured by afficionados of the glorious era of the summer camp slasher.

Be sure and read John Gray's review of the DVD, accessible by clicking the above graphic to the right.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

FULL MOON HORROR CON NEXT MONTH! -- [Posted 17 September 2007]

Click Here For Full Guest List! Green Grass Entertainment has announced Arkansas’ first Horror Convention and Film Festival to be held at the Statehouse Convention Center and Market Street Cinema from October 26th through 28th, 2007. Guests include Jeffery Combs, Linda Blair, Shawnee Smith, Tony Todd and P.J. Soles. For full guest list and other details, see the Official Website.

Now, I have a little special somethin' somethin' for one lucky lil' devil. The first person that finds me at the show and says "FEAR FEST 2 VIP PLEASE" wins a VIP Dream Master pass to Fear Fest 2. This is the $130.00 value, and should be well worth the trouble of locating yours truly.

See you at the show!

[Posted By John Gray]

NEW GUEST ROUND-UP FOR FEAR FEST '08! -- [Posted 15 September 2007]

Click Here for the Fear Fest '08 Site! It's still about a month and a half away from Halloween, but what the hell--here's an early Samhain goodie. We've confirmed some new guests for Fear Fest '08, and there's no time like the present for making an announcement. Our Fright Night reunion looms larger, as director Tom Holland is now onboard. Meanwhile, fans of Rob Zombie's current hit Halloween will be pleased to know we've added cast members Nick Mennell (Bob), Adam Weisman (Steve) and Jenny Craig Stewart (Lindsey)--moreover, we've finally received confirmation on Daeg Faerch (Young Michael Myers). Elsewhere, Lou Perryman (L.G. in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II) joins the ranks alongside Friday The 13th, Part VI's own Jason, C.J. Graham. And in case you missed the earlier update, genre favorite Michael Berryman will be there as well as Gary Klar (Steele in Day Of The Dead) and Grindhouse hotties Electra and Elise Avellan.

In short, it's shaping up to be one hell of a line-up. See the full guest list here, and keep checking back....because it will continue to grow.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

'WRONG TURN 2' FORUM ADDED TO GUTS & GORY! -- [Posted 8 September 2007]

Go To The Forum With Wrong Turn 2: Dead End hitting home video next month, the Pit is pleased to announce that Guts & Gory will now host an exclusive forum dedicated to this wicked tale of a group of reality TV show contestants beset upon by murderous mutants with a penchant for cannibalism. Director and Joe Lynch and various cast members will be stopping by to interact and answer your questions, so make haste now to the Wrong Turn 2 Forum and join the discussion! And be sure to catch the film when it debuts on DVD October 9th!

UPDATE 9/15/07: John has now reviewed an advance copy of Wrong Turn 2 here, so be sure and check it out!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

THE PIT THROWS 'FIDO' A BONE! -- [Posted 8 September 2007]

Fido In the midst of all these updates, our burgeoning ace reviewer Chrisy Black has produced a top-notch critique of the horror-comedy hit Fido. Imagine a 1950's Americana where the biggest threats besides not having your shirts ironed on time was ....zombies! It's an idyllic portrait of days gone by melded with overtones of the undead, and it's....frankly, hilarious! I mean, shit....look at the cast! The legendary Scottish actor/comedian Billy Connolly makes an appearance, then you've got Tim Blake Nelson ("Delmar" from O Brother, Where Art Thou) and even Carrie-Ann Moss! Add Henry Czerny, then you've got yourself an undead party going!

Have a look at Chrisy's review here and make sure you put it on your short list of must-see features!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


The Ocean Hot on the heels of his feisty and acclaimed independent feature Satan's Playground, maverick filmmaker Dante Tomaselli is preparing to begin shooting The Ocean, a cerebral and apocalyptic thriller which he co-wrote with Fangoria magazine's own Michael Gingold and which stars Dee Wallace. Set in Puerto Rico, the film is slated to start lensing in January, a time of year in which the native climate can be described simply as "paradise," according to the director. More info can be found at the film's MySpace Page.

In the meantime, Dante has created some Soundscape audio files which may turn up in the movie, and he invites you to give them a listen. They're in .mp3 format, so unless you're using something like AOL 2.0 on an ancient modem, they shouldn't be a problem to download. Behold....

Lighthouse Mix
Sister Madeline
Drowning In Hell, Version I
Drowning In Hell, Version II
Psychic Flash Mix

These sound cool as hell, and we look forward to The Ocean plus all of Dante Tomaselli's future projects.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

TRIO O' REVIEWS, COURTESY OF JOHN GRAY! -- [Posted 8 September 2007]

John scores the Triple Lindy with three new reviews of upcoming video releases, coming soon to a rental outlet near you. First up is the futuristic fantasy Sunshine, wherein a stranded space crew attempts to prevent a dying sun from collapsing and subsequently annihilating its subjective planets--including Earth! Next up is Unholy, in which a bereaved mother gradually learns the diabolical connection between her daughter's recent suicide and an unspeakable Nazi experiment from WWII. Finally, there's Bloodrayne II: Deliverance, a Wild West tale which finds our heroine Rayne doing battle against Billy The Kid, with the historic Pat Garrett gunning in support of her.

These look like winners, so click on either the bold print titles or the cover boxes above to read John's assessments--he'll never steer you down the wrong aisles (or in this case, the wrong video shelves). Happy viewing!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Rob Zombie The movie's out, and the box office totals just keep pouring in. And with his reaccomplishing of Halloween kicking ass and taking names at the box office, Rob Zombie himself has dropped by the Pit and offered our ace interviewer Paul Salfen some sage words. As for the future of the Halloween franchise, Rob has stated that he has no interest in it. But for his work at hand, check out the interview here. The Pit has already given its Seal Of Approval to the film, so if you haven't been to see it, do so! You'll be glad you did!

Opening weekend's box office report says it's broken all Labor Day Weekend receipt! I'm guessing that might mean something!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

THE PIT COMMUTES THIS 'DEATH SENTENCE'! -- [Posted 6 September 2007]

Death Sentence "We gots more than just a review of the damn thing, we gots interviews too!" Thank our ace interviewer Paul Salfen. Otherwise, check out John Gray's Death Sentence review. Then have a look at Paul Salfen's interviews with director James Wan and actor Kevin Bacon.

Death Sentence is based upon Brian Garfield's early 1970's novel, which Charles Bronson had parlayed into a hit series of vigilante justice pictures under the Death Wish monicker, although the films played out in a lawless manner which disappointed the author. This new film better illustrates what Garfield actually had in mind, even though the Bronson cycle continued until the mid-1990's.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Click Here to read the Review Anticipation level on this film has been very high, and we've been following the progression of Rob Zombie's Halloween remake from the first announcement of its inception to the early draft script review, plus the mention of rewrites and reshoots, and even giveaway contest or two. Now the film has opened in wide domestic release, and the moment of truth is upon us. Did Zombie knock one out of the park, or did he strike out? Opinions are coming in left and right. And as we know, opinions are like feet; everybody has them and sometimes they stink. Okay, maybe it was something besides feet. But the Pit Of Horror Review of this latest Michael Myers romp is a two-punch this time, so should you feel the inclination, click here for Petch's review and here for John's review of Halloween.

I'd say, "then go see the damned thing," but we know you're going to anyway.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

NEW 'HALLOWEEN' CONTEST ANNOUNCED! -- [Posted 29 August 2007]

Click here for more info. If a genie were to grant you three wishes, surely one of them would be a free screening of Rob Zombie's Halloween in your home town with twenty of your friends, plus an awesome Rob Zombie Fan Pack full of nifty goodies. Luckily, the PR department behind this highly-anticipated Michael Myers reimagining has come through with that very package. Simply go to Zombie's Halloween Contest (or click on the image to your left) for the specifics on how to enter the contest. Only one lucky winner will net the grand prize, although runners-up will receive other goodies. Good luck to all, and keep August 31st marked on your calendars for the wide-release premiere of Halloween!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

NEW MPAA-APPROVED 'HATCHET' POSTER! -- [Posted 29 August 2007]

I believe the above headline kinda says it all. Feast thine eyes....

HATCHET opens Sept.7th

You're welcome. Just remember where you saw it first. And go see Hatchet, even if you have to drive an hour or two....dammit!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Hatchet This list is far from comprehensive, but just the beginning for domestic cinemas which have committed to debuting Adam Green's old-school slasher feature Hatchet on its September 7th date on their screens. Don't forget, this is the old-school type slasher, this time set in the New Orleans swamp, with Kane Hodder taking on a new terrifying role as the legendary Victor Crowley. Look for surprise appearances from genre favorites like Robert Englund and Tony Todd to grace the screen in this nail-biting horror romp. Will it play in your neck of the woods when September 7 rolls around ???

A number of exhibitors have committed, and the list is growing still. Here's who have signed on thus far; we apologize if we've made any misspellings or misattributions via a cinema:

Austin, TX
Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar
AMC Barton Creek 14

Baltimore, MD
Muvico Egyptian 24
AMC White Marsh 16
AMC Owings Mills 17

Boston, MA
AMC Boston Commons 19
National Amusements Showcase Revere 20
CFC Entertainment Cinemas Fresh Pond 10

Chicago, IL
AMC Crestwood 18
AMC River East 21
AMC Ford City 14
AMC Barrington 30
AMC Streets of Woodfield 20
AMC Cantara 30
AMC Country Club 16
Marcus Gurnee 20
Marcus Addison 20

Detroit, IL
AMC Fairlane 21
AMC Southfield 24
AMC Great Lakes 25
AMC Forum 30 with IMAX

El Paso, TX
Carmike El Paso 16

Harlingen/Brownsville, TX
Carmike 20 Edinburg

Houston, TX
AMC Gulf Pointe 30
AMC Studio Houston 30
AMC Deerbrook 24
AMC Willowbrook 24

Las Vegas, NV
Brenden Palms Casino

Memphis, TN
Malco Majestic 20
Malco Towne 16
Muvico Peabody

New Orleans, LA
AMC Palace 20
AMC Palace 16

New York, NY
AMC Empire 25

Norfolk/Newport News
AMC Lynnhaven 18
AMC Hampton Towne Center 24

Phoenix, AZ
AMC Mesa Grande 24
AMC Deer Valley 30
AMC Westgate 20
AMC Ahwatukee 24
Harkin Arizona Mills 24

Providence, RI
National Amusements Providence Place 16
National Amusements Showcase Warwick Mall
National Amusements Showcase Seekonk
CFC Cinema World Lincoln Mall 16

Sacramento / Stockton / Modesto, CA
Brenden Modesto 18

San Antonio, TX
AMC Hueber Oaks 24
Santikos Palladium 18 and IMAX
Santikos Mayan Palace
Santikos Silverado 16

San Diego, CA
AMC Palm Promenade 24
AMC Mission Valley 20

If you don't see a local theatre near you listed above, there's a chance that it might be added soon. Or you could help out by just getting on the horn to your local cineplex and (politely, as irritating as may that sound) requesting that they book Hatchet for a local run on September 7. That's just one tactic which the HATCHET ARMY has been up to for a long-assed while, with the results you see.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

WIN A COPY OF ROB ZOMBIE'S 'HALLOWEEN' ALBUM! -- [Posted 16 August 2007]

Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN The Pit has obtained ONE (that is "Uno," "Ein" etc.) copy of the CD soundtrack album to Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween to give away as our latest trivia contest. And with such classic rock gems as Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed" and Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper," plus "God Of Thunder" by KISS plus composer Tyler Bates' own incidental cues. Then there's a deliciously creepy take on "Mister Sandman" by Nan Vernon. Plus you can look forward to dialogue snippets from the film, in a deliciously Tarantino-esque touch. Then there's ridiculously too much more, so the bottom line is, don't miss this one.

Damn, I'm going to have make this one slightly tricky for you Pitsters.

Answer these three trivia questions via email to this address, and we'll randomly select a winner from the correct entries. Oh, and here are the questions:

1. Name the actor who played the true identity of the "Man In Black" character in the later Halloween films.

2. Lance Guest, who portrayed the sympathetic "Jimmy" in Halloween II, would later take the lead in what 1987 shark romp which didn't do well at the box office?

3. You know her from a certain role in The Devil's Rejects as well as an upcoming appearance in Rob Zombie's Halloween. But twenty years ago, she was Lt. Callahan in the Police Academy films. Name the actress.

You've got the goods, now go for the gold. And good luck!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

AND FEAR FEST 08's GUEST OF HONOR IS.... -- [Posted 10 August 2007]

Robert Englund You bet your ass. Freddy Krueger himself (that's Robert Englund to you Pitsters) will be the guest of honor at Fear Fest '08 when the event hits Dallas on the weekend of March 7, 8 and 9. And Mr. Englund will be part of an Elm Street reunion which shall also include Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakely, Amanda Wyss and Nick Corri, plus Dream Warriors Jennifer Rubin, Ken Sagoes, Rodney Eastman, Penelope Sudrow and Ira Heiden from the third installment. Meanwhile, Lisa Wilcox and Andras Jones from the fourth film The Dream Master are also slated to appear. A screening of Wes Craven's original Nightmare On Elm Street is planned for the Friday Night Frights segment of the festivities, along with a screening of 1985's beloved Fright Night. William Ragsdale and Stephen Geoffries, principle cast members from the second named, are scheduled to attend the event.

Now, it wouldn't be a Fear Fest without some manner of Voorhees or Myers shenanigans, so we've also got Ted White (Jason, Friday The 13th, Part IV) plus Brad Loree (Michael, Halloween: Resurrection), as well a special treat--legendary stuntman Dick Warlock (Michael, Halloween II), making a rare post-retirement appearance.

I haven't revealed all the surprises here, so to read the full Guest List, check out the marvelously revamped www.txfearfest.com, hot off the FTP and courtesy of some painstaking work by Rich Carlin. There is also ticketing and location information among the other particulars. So what are you waiting for?

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Director William (Madhouse) Butler's new and impressive horror feature Furnace is finally coming to DVD October, thanks to the Weinstein Company's acquistion of distribution rights to this Melee Entertainment/Swirl Films production. The violent ghost story revolves around a detective obsessed with solving a murder in a dilapidated prison, and stars an impressive stable of talent including Michael Pare (Eddie And The Cruisers), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Ja Rule (Assault On Precinct 13 and Danny Trejo (The Devil's Rejects).


"The fans will love the creepy atmosphere of the old prison," Butler insists. "We had to do very little set dressing as the place came complete with wall to wall cobwebs. It was truly a scary place to work." The film was shot on location at the old Nashville State Penitentiary and has an infamous past for its violence and murder--and is often the location of paranormal investigations. The myriad of make-up effects in the project were created by special effect wizard and four-time Emmy award winner John Vulich (Friday The 13th, Part IV).

Watch this space for more information as more release details are ascertained.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


FEAR FEST '08 is coming! Thanks to the tireless work of John Gray plus our great friends Johnny Butane and Uncle Creepy from Dread Central, a location and date of operation for next year's triumphant return of TX FEAR FEST have been established. Those looking to visit the Dallas area for their annual dosage of horror celebrity, exclusive film panels for upcoming features--plus all the usual mayhem--should get out your 2008 calendar right now and pencil in March 7, 8 and 9, 2008 for the Westin Park Central in Dallas, Texas. You can book your rooms online even now at this link, where you'll also find driving directions. Tell 'em you're coming for Fear Fest and they'll give you our special rate! And the Fear Fest hotline # for guest suggestions, comments, and questions is 866-520-FEAR (3327).

A major announcement should follow in about two weeks as to our guest list. At the moment, we unfortunately cannot disclose any particulars as we await confirmations from celebrities before making any announcements. Rest assured, your horror appetites will be sated with plenty left over. Also, attendees of Fear Fest '07 will be interested to know that the two-disc DVD of this year's event is almost ready. Expect further info here very soon. In the meantime, here's what it's gonna look like:

Fear Fest '07 DVD

So you missed Fear Fest last time? Well, I can't cast any stones....hell, I missed The Police reunion tour in New Orleans a few weeks ago, which is a paltry little two-hour drive from where I live, and I'm still about to double-joint my leg by kicking myself in the ass for it. But the moral of the story is, there's a way not to make the same mistake twice! So get on the ball and make it happen this time, or at least once we've publicized the guest list; you've still got--what is it?--almost eight months to plan and save for it now. Don't miss out!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


With much pride, I am elated to announce the wedding of Pit Of Horror.com's founder (and my partner on the site for the past nine years) Richard Matthew Carlin to his beautiful fiancee Ashleigh Anderson on Saturday, 14 July 2007. I first talked to Richie (aka "Matt" on the message boards) over the phone in 1998 after several months of emailing, when our burgeoning website was just beginning, and we finally met in person (with new partner John Gray) in January 2004 at the now-historic Fangoria convention in Secaucus, N.J. The following year, Richie and Ashleigh flew in from Scotland to Dallas to visit John and his family, and I drove in from Hattiesburg, so we were finally able to meet her in person. A sweeter, more kindly young lady you'll never meet!

Richie and Ashleigh are married!

The great Pit adventure advances forward, and from myself, John Gray and our families, we send a hearty shout-out of "Congratulations!" to Richie and Ashleigh and best hopes for a long and happy life together.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Detour Into Madness, Vol. 1 Our erstwhile contributor Royce Freeman has alerted us that the horror anthology Detour Into Madness, Vol. 1, in which he had a hand in writing, has arrived on DVD! It's a five-part thrill-fest which reaches into the depths into which humanity can delve, as well as spiritual intrigue and a terrifying legend made all too real. There's also a bad-choice scenario which leads to unspeakable reckoning, and then to top off the whole pie, there's a grisly tale of human spiriting gone terribly awry. And it's all right here. And this is just the first volume of this new name in horror.

So you want more details? I suspicioned you might. Royce was kind enough to supply them, so without further preamble:

When two actresses (Heather Lee and Leah Nigro) with dreams of making it big in movies run acroos a twisted low-budget horror director (William DeCoff), they find out nothing on the screen is more terrifing than real life!

When a teenage cheerleader (Danielle Lozeau) tries to cover up a deadly accident involving a nameless pedestrian (Kevin Cirone), she soon discovers that drinking and driving does in fact kill.

A man of faith (Stephen Hludzik) finds his beliefs challenged by his VERY liberal girlfriend (Jessica Sonneborn), but are his problems real, or all in his mind?

Uptight college student, Lauren Samuels (Erika Stone) has a big project due on the local legend of 'Samhain' and the masked demon "Jack". With her photographer (Jessica Sonneborn) and videographer (Stephen Hludzik) in tow, she soon stumbles on a legend that is very much real. Can they escape before they become another footnote in the horrific tale?

Three girls (Danielle Lozeau, Katherine Ryan, Molly Cranna) decide to spend the night trying to contact long dead spirits with the use of a mystical spirit board. When they do reach over, they soon realise that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

This is a DETOUR you can't refuse....

Detour Into Madness, Vol. 1 is available at CustomFlix as well as Amazon. Do the smart thing and beat your friends to the punch--order it NOW!

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Harry Manfredini Remember the first time you watched Friday The 13th, and how the eerie "ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma" sound effect augmented the haunting, atonal music score? That was all due to the genius of composer Harry Manfredini, who also went on to score such fare as Deepstar Six, Swamp Thing, House and its sequels, Aces: Iron Eagle 3, The Omega Code, My Boyfriend's Back, Wishmaster and the eclectic Billy Bob Thornton film A Gun, A Car And A Blonde, plus many others. In addition, he has also composed for children's films, including the award-winning A Boy, A Dog And A Frog, as well as having acted onstage in productions such as The Fantasticks.

Harry now has his own Guts & Gory Forum, and he's ready to interact with you and answer any questions you may have about his scores, as well as talk about upcoming projects and convention appearances on his calendar. Click on the above image to access it. The Pit and G&G heartily welcome Harry Manfredini aboard and thank him for his interest and tireless participation.

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IT'S A 'HOSTEL' TAKEOVER ON THE PIT! -- [Posted 13 June 2007]

Hostel: Part II It's been said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That concept sums up the actions of the well-heeled villains in Eli Roth's Hostel, released early last year to box office success and considerable acclaim. Its sequel, Hostel: Part II has now opened, and John Gray has seen and reviewed it here. But another treat is instore for you fans of Eli Roth's gut-churning saga of human thrill-seeking run amok as Paul Salfen has scored an all-new interview with both writer/director Eli Roth and star Bijou Phillips.

Both are great reads, so check them out, and make sure you support Hostel: Part II at the box office!

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Daywatch Dallas-area horror fans are in for a treat! Daywatch, which centers around the elemental conflict between the forces of light and darkness and which is set in contemporary Moscow, is opening in select cities in the U.S., and the Dallas crowd is getting a special sneak peek. This ancient war between the forces of Light and Darkness is reaching a tragic outcome. Each side has gained a powerful Great Other, who are headed for a clash. Only the ancient 'Chalk of Fate' can save the day. The problem is the magical Chalk was lost hundreds of years ago. Timur Bekmambetov directs, from a script he adapted from the works of Sergei Lukyanenko, Vladimir Vasiliev and Alexander Talal.

The Pit is hosting a free screening of Daywatch on Thursday, June 7th, at 8:00 p.m. at the Landmark Magnolia. Contact info here:

Landmark Magnolia
West Village
3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75204

(214) 764-9106

Theatre Website: http://www.landmarktheatres.com/market/Dallas/TheMagnolia.htm

To secure your pass, email John Gray at txripper@yahoo.com and he will send you the essentials.

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LET'S HEAR IT FOR BRITISH HORROR! -- [Posted 3 June 2007]

28 WEEKS LATER Our ace contributor Chrisy Black has submitted two excellent reviews, the first being the aptly titled 28 Weeks Later, which follows up the chilling 2002 hit about a rabies-like plague decimating the U.K. and details how the survivors have managed to recreate a tenuous sense of normalcy which is about to be threatened anew. Next up is the slasher thriller Severance, out on DVD in the U.K. and soon to enjoy a limited theatrical engagement in the U.S. Laced with dark humor, this is a bloody romp about a team-building exercise in the mountains of East Europe gone terribly awry, and the red stuff flows with aplomb.

Many thanks to Chrisy for the contribution!

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I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP, 'MR. BROOKS'! -- [Posted 1 June 2007]

MR. BROOKS Hot on the heels of the awesome Black Sheep update, our resourceful contact Melanie Klein has provided us with a link to several clips of the hot-property thriller Mr. Brooks, a psychological thriller that takes you into the mind of a successful business man who just happens to be addicted to killing. When your cast includes Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Dane Cook and William Hurt, you're already in good shape anyway.

Without further ado, click this link and feast thine eyes, then go SEE it today, when it hits domestic screens!

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'BLACK SHEEP' LOOKS BAAAAAAAD-ASSED! -- [Posted 27th May 2007]

BLACK SHEEP This is one Black Sheep the family had better accept! In this acclaimed New Zealand-made horror comedy, Henry Oldfield (Nathan Meister) returns to his family's farm to sell out to his older brother Angus (Peter Feeney), unaware that something baaaad is going on: Angus' reckless genetic engineering program. When a pair of inept environmental activists release a mutant lamb from Angus' laboratory onto the farm, thousands of sheep are turned into bloodthirsty predators. Along with farmhand Tucker (Tammy Davis) and greenie girl Experience (Danielle Mason), Henry finds himself stranded deep on the farm as his worst nightmare comes to life.

Thanks to Melanie Klein of IFC Films for providing links to the trailer:



Mary had a little lamb.  With a side order of fries.

With kudos from the Berlin, Toronto and Tribeca Film Festivals among others, this gruesome yuck-fest looks like a primo Pit pick. Black Sheep has its debut screening in New York at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on June 22, with a wider release to follow. Be sure and visit the Official Site.

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SHITLOAD O' REVIEWS, VER. 4.26! -- [Posted 26th Apr 2007]

VACANCY is one of four new titles reviewed on the Pit No less than four new reviews were just added to the Pit, and in no particular order they start with John Gray's thumbs-up write-up for David Arquette's politically-tinged slasher The Tripper. John was also impressed by the Hitchcock-esque motel hell of Vacancy, while British thiller/comedy Hot Fuzz is hailed as a new masterpiece. Finally, new contributor Jon Price offers his take on William Friedkin's ambitious genre effort Bug, which is set to crawl onto domestic screens--and under your skin--next month. Happy reading, then get out there and support the genre by catching a flick or two on the big screen!

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Bug Pit of Horror and Friday Night Frights, in conjunction with the USA Film Festival will be hosting a screening of American Scary on Saturday, April 21st at 5pm with guest host Mary Jo Pehl from Mystery Science Theater 3000, director John E. Hudgens, and writer Sandy Clark. Following that, we will host a 20th anniversarry screening of The Stepfather, restored 35mm print with screenwriter Donald E. Westlake. Audience members will receive a copy of Donald's new book What's So Funny. (limited supply)

Then on Tuesday, April 24th at 7pm, we will be hosting a screening of Bug with guest host, legendary director of The Exorcist William Friedken. Audience Q&A will follow each screening with the filmmakers. The screenings will take place at:

The Angelika Dallas
5321 E. Mockingbird Ln. (at central expressway NE corner)
Dallas, TX 75248

Saturday 4/21 night - American Scary 5pm - The Stepfather 7pm.
Tuesday 4/24 night - Bug with William Friedken - 7pm.
$8 a ticket

For the schedule, follow this link.

[Posted By John Gray]

ZOE BELL BUSTS A MOVE ON THE PIT! -- [Posted 10th Apr 2007]

Zoe Bell Grindhouse is out now, and response has been largely positive. Our own Paul Salfen has managed an interview with Zoe Bell, who actually plays herself in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof segment. A real-life stuntwoman, she enlists a few movie-industry mates for what she thinks will be a harmless joyride based upon the antics of the classic film Vanishing Point.

It's a full-on turbo-charged race to the death when her character's hubris requires her to match wits with marauding Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell)--who just happens to be a psychotic maniac--in a car chase to end them all. Read Paul's interview with Zoe here.

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Grindhouse A long time in the making (especially with halts in production), the Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez collaboration Grindhouse is finally upon us. An homage to "grindhouse" style 1970's double feature drive-in fare, the three-hour-eleven-minute genre bonanza is actually two feature films, Rodriguez' Planet Terror and Tarantino's Death Proof, with some nifty "fake trailers" helmed by the likes of Eli Roth, Edgar Wright and Rob Zombie snaked in between as an "intermission" of sorts. John caught a sneak-peak screening a few days ago and submitted this uber-enthusiastic review, so you would do well to drop whatever you're doing and head over the multiplex of your choice. If this Grindhouse has that lived-in feel, it's because it's all about the balls-to-the-wall genre thrills that we grew up with. And you can't put a price on that.

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THE PIT HAS 'EYES,' TOO! -- [Posted 6th Apr 2007]

The Hills Have Eyes II The Hills Have Eyes II has come out, and it's a damned admirable genre effort. So much so that our good friend Paul Salfen has snagged an interview from Hills 2 co-star Jacob Vargas, which can be read here. Shooting in the Morrocan desert can have its own pitfalls, especially when contaminated food wreaks havoc on the, er, digestive system, as you will learn from Mr. Vargas' anecdotes. Meanwhile, Petch has reviewed the movie itself here. Then check out a screening of The Hills Have Eyes II at first opportunity, if you haven't already done so. And if you have....hell, go see it again.

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FEAR FEST '07 - IT'S A HIT, BOYS! -- [Posted 6th Apr 2007]

John and Rich may officially pat themselves on the back, as well as our good friends at Dread Central and everyone else involved with making Fear Fest '07 happen. It was an enormous smash hit, and word 'round the campfire is that a Fear Fest '08 is in the planning. In the meantime, let's celebrate the greatness that was March 23-26 at the Hampton Inn in Mesquite, TX. And with such celebrities as David Arquette, Gunnar Hansen, Ed Neal, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Harry Manfredini, Andrew Bryniarski, Lar Park Lincoln, Stu Charno, R.A. Mihailoff, Bill Johnson, Ari Lehman and Steve Dash plus so many others on-hand, a splendid time was had by all. And that goes for the celebrities as well as the attendees.

Fear Fest '07

While an online gallery will likely follow soon, in the meantime you can view some of the pictures from the event by perusing the Fear Fest Forum at Guts And Gory. Or you can save a step by just accessing this thread, this one, this one or even this one. And to all the board members who attended, you guys ROCKED, and we'll see y'all next time!

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You've seen SHAUN OF THE DEAD right? And it cracked you up, right? Well Pegg & Frost are at it again with the incredibly hilarious looking HOT FUZZ. And PitofHorror.com is pleased to announce that we have passes to an advanced screening on March 29th. Not only that, but Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright will all be present at the screening for a Q&A session after the film has shown. Are you excited? Because we are! Details are below:

Thursday, March 29th, 7.30pm
8687 N. Central Exwy
Btwn Nordstroms & Macy's on Level 2
Dallas, TX

The PIT invites you to an advance screening of HOT FUZZ!

The screening starts at 7.30pm and It's purely on a first come first serve basis. See you there! And be sure to check out the official HOT FUZZ WEBSITE. Thanks!

[Posted By Rich Carlin]

IS THE SLASHER CRAZE 'GOING TO PIECES'? -- [Posted 18th Mar 2007]

Going To Pieces: The Rise And Fall Of The Slasher Film Based upon the book by Adam Rockoff, THINKFilm's masterful new documentary Going To Pieces: The Rise And Fall Of The Slasher Film hits video this week. A well-researched and comprehensive overview of the horror sub-genre which began in the late 1970's and peaked in the following decade, Going To Pieces features some insightful interview footage by the likes of John Carpenter, Wes Craven, Sean S. Cunningham, Harry Manfredini, Amy Holden Jones and many more. Petch got hold of a copy and has reviewed it here, so check it out, and then make sure you snap it off your local retail shelf bright and early Tuesday. You'll thank yourself, and you'll owe Petch a beer for steering you in the right direction. No, wait--make that two beers.

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Eli Roth's enthusiastically anticipated Hostel: Part II is slated for a June 8 release, and our good friends at Special Ops Media have kindly sent us the new teaser poster. Check it out, then have a nice helping of lasagne, just to prove you're worth your salt.

Hostel: Teil Zwei

Some pretty sick shit, no? No wonder I like it s'damn much. By the way, clicking on the poster graphic will take you to the official website, where you can view the teaser trailer as well. Many thanks to Lindsey Stone for getting this out to us!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Jason Mewes That thudding ache you feel in your posterior is Fear Fest's proverbial boot as it's kicking ass! We've just signed on two more celebrity guests even at this late hour. Jason Mewes, best known for his role as Jay in the Kevin Smith films, will join David Arquette for The Tripper panel. Meanwhile, WWE/TNA superstar diva Jacqueline Moore will join the Sin-Jin Smyth panel. If you miss Fear Fest, you'll want to change your name and move to another city. But we'll just track you down and make fun of you, for a season. It won't be pretty.

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'BLOOD TRAILS' AND 'ED GEIN' REVIEWS ADDED! -- [Posted 14th Mar 2007]

Blood Trails Two new independent releases have just his DVD courtesy of Lionsgate, and the Pit has the lowdown on both. First up is Petch's review of Blood Trails, a feisty and mean-spirited (just the way we like them!) slasher from Germany, and quite possibly the first mountain-bike stalker flick ever made. Then there's his review of the fictionalized but stylish Ed Gein: The Butcher Of Plainfield, which features Kane Hodder as the title character and also includes appearances from genre stars Michael Berryman and Priscilla Barnes. Both are now available on home video, so check out the reviews, and should you feel the inclination, head out to your local rental outlet and give 'em a shot!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Kane Hodder Another round of eleventh-hour adds for Fear Fest! Kane Hodder, who has endeared himself to Friday The 13th fans for his performance as Jason Voorhees in four consecutive installments, will be on-hand to promote his latest role, that of Victor Crowley in the eagerly-awaited Hatchet, which opens theatrically this fall. He will participate in a Hatchet panel discussion with writer/director Adam Green. Also added to the bill is Lew Temple, known for his sympathetic turn in The Devil's Rejects plus appearances in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and Rob Zombie's upcoming Halloween. Finally, we've confirmed Cathy St. George, onetime Playboy Playmate and cast member of Bob Fosse's harrowing Star 80.

'Tis not too late to get onboard if you're not already coming to Fear Fest. So get to it!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


David Arquette You read that right! David Arquette, aka "Dewey" from Wes Craven's beloved Scream trilogy, will be onhand at Fear Fest for a Sunday-only panel discussion of his new directoral effort The Tripper. And he's not the only new addition. Also added to the bill is Ken Kirzinger, who donned the hockey mask for 2003's highly successful Freddy Vs. Jason, ironically having previously appeared as one of Jason's victim's in 1989's Jason Takes Manhattan. Further guest additions include The Sick co-writer/co-director C.M. Byerly, plus Tocixtoons artist Eric Pigors as well as Rudy Scalese, producer of Going To Pieces: The Rise And Fall Of The Slasher Film. What great additions to our already-awesome Guest List for this splendid event!

Word around the campfire hints that even these may not be the last of the last-minute adds. That means it's time to get on the horn now and secure your hotel reservations and admission tickets for Fear Fest before the event comes and goes, and you're left in the cold. If that happens and then you phone us up looking for sympathy, you're gonna hear a laugh and a click. Don't let that happen.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Joe Dante is one of twelve newly-added FEAR FEST guests! As if the upcoming Fear Fest couldn't possibly get any more exciting, we're proud to announce twelve new additions to the guest list! Among the most notables are director Joe Dante, helmer of such genre classics as Piranha, The Howling and Gremlins, and who will attend on Sunday only. Also onhand for a Friday-only appearance is country-singer-turned-politico Kinky Friedman (whose 1970's country band Kinky Friedman & The Texas Jewboys had a novelty hit single with "Asshole From El Paso"). And onboard for the whole weekend will be beloved genre composer Harry Manfredini, whose haunting scores for the Friday The 13th films continue to send shivers up our spines--and make us think twice about taking that midnight skinny-dip in the lake. The full list of additions reads:

JOE DANTE - director, Piranha, The Howling, Gremlins
HARRY MANFREDINI - composer, Friday The 13th films, House, The Omega Code
KINKY FRIEDMAN - country musician, TX gubernatorial candidate
VINNIE PAUL - rock musician, Pantera
JOE LYNCH - director, Wrong Turn 2
ANDREW DIVOFF - The Wishmaster himself!
RYAN NICHOLSON - director, Live Feed
FATHER JOEY - host, "Father Joey" radio show
LATINO SAINT - actor, The Sick
RHANSUM - actor, The Sick
DUANE CRAIG - co-writer/co-director, The Sick
TIMM SCALITA - co-writer/co-director, The Sick

For a comprehensive list of Fear Fest celebrity guests, click here. You'll want to grind yourself up in a smoothie blender and then be required to drink yourself, should you miss this event. And we won't be able to help you at that point.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

SHITLOAD O' REVIEWS! -- [Posted 23rd Feb 2007]

GHOST RIDER is but one of the new reviews! When it rains, it gores! At least that's how it's laid out here at the Pit, and John Gray has just unleashed no less than five new movie reviews for your reading pleasure. First up is the nifty Nicholas Cage comic book adaptation of Ghost Rider, followed by the ambitiously metaphysical Jim Carrey vehicle The Number 23. Next up are a trio of Anchor Bay releases, beginning with the nifty German import Night Of The Living Dorks and followed by The Devil's Den. Finally, there's Pelts, the latest installment of Masters Of Horror featuring rock singer Meat Loaf and directed by Dario Argento. Check 'em out, post haste!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Fear Fest Our new friends at Front Gate Tickets are making securing a ticket to Fear Fest a lot more convenient to purchase, with an online purchase link. Also you can view a list of outlets authorized to sell Front Gate tickets, should you wish to buy tickets in person, at this link. Texas Chainsaw auteur Tobe Hooper plus all four living Leatherface actors are waiting to meet you along with a smorgasbord of other genre celebrities. The event is now only one month away, and if you miss Fear Fest, you'll weep and gnash your teeth in misery. And we'll just laugh at you.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

SNEAK SCREENING OF 'THE NUMBER 23' IN DALLAS! -- [Posted 17th Feb 2007]

Catch as free screening of THE NUMBER 23 in Dallas! I have secured us a screening for this flick and here are the details:

Tuesday 2/20 @ 7:30pm
AMC Northpark 15
8687 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75248

(Between Nordstrom's & Macy's on the left - 2nd level)
(972) 724-8000

E-Passes will admit two guests and can be exchanged for tickets at the theater. Email us at pit@pitofhorror.com to secure yours now!

There'll be tons of The Number 23 prizes including t-shirts, beanies, notebooks, mousepads and more. We will also be making a special announcement for Fear Fest and handing out weekend passes.

New guests to be announced as well, so don't miss this one!

[Posted By John Gray]

PETCH FEASTS UPON 'HANNIBAL RISING'! -- [Posted 10th Feb 2007]

Click to read Petch Lucas' review of HANNIBAL RISING The dinner bell has been rung, and Hannibal Rising has been unleashed upon domestic movie screens. Thomas Harris' prequel (which the author scripted from his own novel) details Hannibal Lecter's early years and childhood trauma which shapes his later cannibalistic ways, with talented young French actor Gaspard Ulliel playing the young incarnation of the role which Anthony Hopkins had previously made a household name. So how is the film? Prequels by very definition tend to be controversial, as many fans find backstory to cheapen rather than enrich classic characters. Petch Lucas caught a matinee today and has reviewed Hannibal Rising, which you can read by clicking the image to your left.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Exclusive Script Review! Ever since a draft was leaked and reviewed online a few weeks back, Rob Zombie's Halloween script has been the source of much debate among the online horror community. Some complained about shifts of focus and the addition of backstory to certain characters. Others applauded Zombie's vision as innovative and a skillful reinvention of the beloved classic. But the fact remains, words on the page (or in this case, on the computer screen) do not equate with the completed vision on the movie screen, and if Zombie's first two films are any indication of his capability in the genre, then this new take on the Halloween mythos might just knock it out of the park. As for the controversial script, John Gray has read it and has his own opinion. Click the image to the right to read his script review.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


DEAD SILENCE official website with trailer! The creators of Saw, James Wan and Leigh Whannell, bring you a harrowing tale of ghostly and violent terror that just may silence you permanently! A young widower named Jamie (Ryan Kwanten) returns to his small hometown of Ravens Point after the ghastly and unsolved killing of his wife. There he uncovers the chilling legend of Mary Shaw, a deranged ventriloquist who was once accused of murdering a young boy and who was put to death by a vigilante mob--and yet over the years victims have been found dead with their tongues cut out, as had been the young boy....and as had been Jamie's deceased wife.

DEAD SILENCE official website with trailer!

Working with a detective (Donnie Wahlberg), Jamie sets out to discover to horrible truth behind Mary Shaw's unending vendetta against Ravens Point--and the blood-freezing connection between the killings and her macabre ventriloquist dolls which have a habit of showing up where they're not expected! Dead Silence promises to be a new and terrifying experience in bloody vengeance from beyond the grave. Only don't scream....because that's when Mary comes calling to rip out your tongue! The film opens theatrically on March 23rd, but for a sneak peak, click on the above image which will take you to the official website, where you can view the razor-sharp trailer.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Click here for the BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE microsite! Opening this weekend, Blood And Chocolate is one part love story, one part preternatural mystery, one part werewolf thriller and, from all indications, a wholly engrossing tale. Agnes Bruckner stars as Vivian, a young woman who, after the murder of her family years ago, has evolved into something more than human and whose clandestine life is jeopardized when she falls in love. Full of dark clues to the mystery behind her predicament, Blood And Chocolate is co-written by Ehren Kruger (The Skeleton Key), and you can access the marvelous and interactive microsite by clicking the image to your right.

And if you act quickly, you might just find yourself the lucky winner of a Blood And Chocolate poster autographed by both Bruckner and Kruger! Just email us and say you'd like to enter the contest, and your name will be in the hat. Good luck to all, and be sure to check out Blood And Chocolate this weekend at a theatre near you!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


The Hitcher

John Gray has a pretty firm opinion, which you can read in his review of the film from a Pit-sponsored advance screening in Dallas earlier this week. The original version of The Hitcher came out in 1986 and featured C. Thomas Howell as young Jim Halsey, a gullible young motorist who happens upon John Ryder (Rutger Hauer), the murderous hitchhiker who makes his life Hell. This time around, newcomer Zachary Knighton assumes the part of Jim, with Sean Bean taking over as the psychotic title character and Sophia Bush as a narrative replacement for Jennifer Jason Leigh's ill-fated role in the original.

To be sure, there's lots of the red stuff in this one, including a nifty and graphic variation on the "pop-the-clutch" sequence from twenty years ago. But does that also add up to satisfactory storytelling and the mantle of worthiness? Only one way to find out. Check it out now.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Click here for the TrailerThe movie will be out in a few weeks, and the book's been out for over a month (once again, read my damn review, folks!), so lo and behold the final theatrical trailer for the grand spectacle which Hannibal Rising promises to be. Yahoo has it in both Windows Media and QuickTime formats, so head on over here and click on "Exclusive Trailer" for your Lecter fix (the "Teaser Trailer" link there is for the one we all saw weeks ago). From all indications, Ulliel Gaspard will make a fine young Lecter, and it will be fun to see Rhys Ifans in a diabolical turn as villain Vladis Grutas.

If you're feeling adventurous, I've made the image to the left a clickable hyperlink to the trailer as well. This looks top-notch, so have a look already!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


DRILLER KILLER gets the remake treatment! Driller Killer is the latest cult classic to get the remake treatment. UK-based production company Masterplan Films Ltd will pact with Urban Way Productions Ltd to produce a GB 2.5 million (appr. $4 million) remake of the 1979 film, originally directed by Abel Ferrara. The film will be written and directed by british filmmaker Andrew Jones, whose first feature The Feral Generation, a gritty urban drama about homeless heroin addicts, hits UK cinemas later this year.

The remake is being re-located to London and is described as being very different to the original. According to the production company, the new film will bypass the exploitational tone of the original, in favor of a psychological study of its title character, which auteur Ferrara had played in the original, as he slowly descends into madness. With the script and budget in place, casting is set to begin in early February, with a shooting schedule to commence in April. We'll keep you posted as more details become available.

[Posted By Petch Lucas] [Source: Andrew Jones]

OPEN WIDE FOR JOHN'S 'PRIMEVAL' REVIEW! -- [Posted 12th Jan 2007]

Primeval The commercials on the television look promising. The pump has been primed, and the want-see is on the rise.

But if you're curious as to what John Gray has to say, check out his review. He attended a press screening of Primeval just yesterday and gives his thoughts about what's good and what's not s'good about this romp through African marshlands haunted by a big you-know-what (I don't want to spoil it for people who thought it was going to be human). Let's just say that the ads proclaiming the "greatest serial killer" are, at best, disingenuous.

Dominic Purcell stars in PRIMEVAL.

Still, from all indications, the movie has its moments. And let's not forget, German genre fave Jurgen Prochnow makes an appearance. Tread at will. And check your local listings for showtimes, because the beast is loosed this very day!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


The Hitcher While driving across the desert, Jim (Zachary Knighton) and Grace (Sophia Bush) stop by the side of the road to pick up a hitchhiker — who turns out to be a murderous psychopath (Sean Bean). While the couple quickly ditches their would-be assassin, the maniacal killer follows them along the dusty backroads and they engage in a nasty game of cat-and-mouse. A remake of the cult horror film starring Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell and Jennifer Jason Lee, The Hitcher is sure to make your skin crawl.

And if you live in the Dallas area (or can get yourself there within reasonable means), how about catching a sneak-peek showing of the film for FREE on January 18! All the details can be found at this link, so to list them all here would be redundant. Plus, it's late and I'm damn tired. But don't pass up an opportunity to catch this nifty-looking little feature, and on the Pit's dime to boot! Hell, the original film still to this day makes me think twice about ordering french fries in a short order restaurant (those who've seen it will know what scene I've got my, er, finger on here!). I can't imagine what they've devised this time around!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Lee Perkins Lee Perkins, known for his role as the abusive father in KatieBird: Certifiable Crazy Person and soon to be seen in Snap-Kick Productions' upcoming Job, recently contacted the Pit and had this to say:

"2007 has already started out bloody. Just finished my part in Live Evil. It's an action packed vampire flick where human blood is becoming unfit. The cast includes Tim Thomerson and Chuck Williams. I play a vampire like you've never seen before. The site will be going live after filming is completed. Later this month...more blood will flow with Edges Of Darkness. I'll be playing a renegade priest who will stop at nothing to destroy the anti-Christ. Jason Horton will direct, and it will be great to team up with him, as we were both chased out of New Orleans by Katrina.

Coming soon are the films Job, Deadly Rites and Desolation. All have strong stories with great roles. In late March, I've been invited to the Texas Fear Fest. The guest list is packed with some of my favorite horror directors. The teaser trailer for Carnies is now available online here. The film is almost through post and should be seeing the light of day soon. Here's to a Bloody New Year!

I've also wrapped on a pre-WWII pic called The Red Machine. It's my most challenging role to date and one in which I even had to learn to speak Japanese. On MySpace, there's a slideshow of shots from this beautifully shot film.

Lee Perkins"

Many thanks to Lee for the updates, and we can't wait to hear more!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Danielle Harris In a move that's sure to please fans, Rob Zombie has cast Danielle Harris ("Jamie Lloyd" from the fourth and fifth installments of the original series) as the character Annie Brackett, friend of heroine Laurie Strode and rebellious daughter of the local sheriff. She will be joining such announced cast members as Malcolm McDowell (as Dr. Loomis) and Tyler Mane (as Michael Myers), plus genre faves Dee Wallace Stone, Ken Foree, Lew Temple, William Forsythe and Danny Trejo in various supporting roles, and wunderkind Daeg Faerch as the young incarnation of Myers.

This thing is just sounding better and better all the time!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

IS THIS MYERS' NEW MASK? -- [Posted 31st Dec 2006]

The CGP Warlock mask, nice! As any self respecting horror fan already knows, a remake of Halloween is being made by Rob Zombie (Director of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects). Now, whether or not you approve, it's happening and we are certainly intrigued as to how this will pan out, especially after learning that 6ft 10" Tyler Mane is set to play the role of Michael Myers. Something we are willing to give a chance, but which we think is a little suspect and is certainly causing alot of debate among fans. In anycase, there are rumours floating around that Terry of Cemetery Gate Productions, a fan mask-maker, could have his 'Warlock' mask(s) used in the movie. To which we say YES, YES and YES! Along with Justin from Nightowl, Terry is one of the best Myers mask-makers out there (in my humble opinion). So I hope this rumour has some truth behind it, as it would be the first time since Halloween II that I've liked a Myers Mask in a sequel, which could be a major factor in how good this movie is going to be. As fans, we all know how important the mask is! Watch this space...

[Posted By Rich Carlin]

MICHAEL BAILEY SMITH IN "BLOOD SHOT" -- [Posted 31st Dec 2006]

Michael, who played 'Pluto' in The Hills Have Eyes (2006), posted this message on his GUTS AND GORY forum, concerning his next movie, "BLOOD SHOT"...

"Hey everyone,

I'll be starring in a new film that will start shooting in March in Dallas. It's called "Blood Shot." I'm playing a vampire that works for the CIA. It's a horror/comedy.

We did the short for this film a few years ago. It won best picture and I won best actor in several film festivals. We just now got the funding to make the full feature.

I'm very excited about this film and it's going to kick some serious ass. Think "Duke Nukem" as a vampire, add in some serious blood and guts, and you've got "Blood Shot."

I'll tell you more as things get closer.

- Michael"

Check out Michael's forum for more details on his latest movie and to get involved in the discussion yourself!

[Posted By Rich Carlin] [Source: Michael Bailey Smith]


“Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors” comes to the San Jose January 5-7 with an exciting line-up of top horror talent from both film and television. This fright-filled weekend will take place at the Doubletree Hotel San Jose, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose.

Celebrity guests and events set for Fango’s blast include: cult horror director George A. Romero, of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW, and MARTIN fame, previewing his new zombie film, DIARY OF THE DEAD; horror acting great Jeffrey Combs, from RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, STAR TREK, THE FRIGHTENERS and more; HELLRAISER’S Pinhead, Doug Bradley, also seen in NIGHTBREED, PUMPKINHEAD 3 and KILLER TONGUE; actor Sid Haig, star of THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, SPIDER BABY and new BROTHERHOOD OF BLOOD; and Robert Picardo, familiar genre actor from THE HOWLING, LEGEND, GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH, INNERSPACE, MASTERS OF HORROR: HOMECOMING and STAR TREK: VOYAGER’s doctor.

Several star-packed presentations scheduled for the weekend include: the 2001 MANIACS reunion with stars Dylan Edrington, Ryan Fleming, Adam Robitel and others, plus director Tim Sullivan, who will unveil the new MANIACS figurines and give us the scoop on the movie sequel, 2002 MANIACS: BEVERLY HELLBILLIES; the DRIFTWOOD Panel, with co-writer/director Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs), stars Diamond Dallas Page (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and Connor Ross (SURFACE); THE HAMILTONS Panel, new indie sleeper will be previewed with directors The Butcher Brothers and co-writer Adam Weis, as well as the Hamiltons themselves, actors Cory Knauf, Joseph McKelheer, Samuel Child and Mackenzie Firgens

Ed Martinez the FX artist/teacher behind DEAD PIT, AMITVILLE: A NEW GENERATION will preview the new THE DAMNED and DEATH ROW.

Click for details

See creationent.com for ticket information.

[Posted By Rich Carlin] [Source: Fangoria]


Black ChristmasSlashing its way onto screens on Christmas Day is the remake-in-name-only of Bob Clark's 1974 horror masterpiece Black Christmas. Although the setting is the same (sorority sisters snowed in while a killer stalks their house), the backstory and motivations have been retooled. John Gray caught a showing of the flick and has reviewed it here, so have a look. And Merry Christmas from the Pit!

On a related topic, Bob Clark's original film is available on video, and Rich Carlin's review of it can be read here.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

PIT OF HORROR REVIEWS 'REEKER' -- [Posted 10th Dec 2006]

Chris Black has reviewed the supernatural slasher flick, REEKER. Check out what he thought of this movie. Did it stink? Click the link below to find out...,

The 'Reeker'

Read the Pit's review of 'REEKER'

[Posted By Rich Carlin]

THE NEW FACE OF HANNIBAL LECTER! -- [Posted 7th Dec 2006]

Another short item, this one regarding the upcoming release of Thomas Harris' fourth book in the Hannibal Lecter cycle, with a Harris-penned movie adaptation to shortly follow. This one is a prequel, however, so don't look for Anthony Hopkins to return to his Chianti-and-fava-beans signature role. Instead, young French actor Gaspard Ulliel will portray the title character in Hannibal Rising, due out in 2007.

He even LOOKS like a young Anthony Hopkins!

In the meantime, you can read Petch's review of the novel. We'll keep you posted on the progress of the Hannibal Rising movie as details become available to us.

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


The Quick And The Undead Now here's a zombie flick with a twist....the undead epidemic began some eighty-odd years ago, and now the profit-drive seems to undermine the need to return civilization to normalcy. That's only part of the premise of Gerald Nott's impressive zombie romp The Quick And The Undead, which was released on home video this week. Petch Lucas caught a gander at the film and has reviewed it here, so have a read.

Then run out to Movie Gallery or wherever you rent from and snag a copy of this winning little indie feature!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]

ANDREW BRYNIARSKI AS DRACULA! -- [Posted 6th Dec 2006]

PIT EXCLUSIVE - Some very exciting news here. As you know already, from Andrew's official forum on Guts and Gory, he is playing the part Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest, which is currently filming. We have these exclusive pictures of Andrew as Dracula, check em out.

Andrew Bryniarski as Dracula Andrew Bryniarski as Dracula

We will have alot more details on the progress of the movie very soon. In the meantime why not discuss this on Andrew's forum.

[Posted By Rich Carlin]


Dread Central and Convention All Star's Sean Clark has announced the TEXAS FEAR FEST's Guest of Honor as horror genre legend, Tobe Hooper. The official Fear Fest website reports:

Tobe Hooper

Director of such classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I & II, The Funhouse, Lifeforce, Salem's Lot, Poltergeist, as well as The Masters of Horror.

* Special Tobe Hooper Fan Q & A and Award Presentation

* Free Autograph Signing with Tobe Hooper (see FAQ page for details)

* A Special "Midnight Screening" hosted by Tobe Hooper

Keep an eye on the official Fear Fest Forum for up to date news on the event. All the actors who played Leatherface will be present at the event, as well as a Texas Chainsaw (74) reunion. There will be several celebrities who are featured on Guts and Gory appearing at the convention (Including Andrew Bryniarski, Tony Todd and Michael Bailey Smith) making it the biggest event in the history of the PIT. It cannot be missed!

[Posted By Rich Carlin]

THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 POSTER -- [Posted 5th Dec 2006]

Deemed too disturbing by the MPAA, here is a poster for the sequel to the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes. We think it is very cool... (Bloody Disgusting got the scoop originally we believe).

Does this disturb you?

Discuss this topic on our forums.

[Posted By Rich Carlin]

ANTIBODIES & THE HOST, reviewed by the PIT! -- [Posted 4th Dec 2006]

The Host - Monster Mayhem! Chris Black has reviewed two great movies. A German crime/thriller, comparable to Se7en and Silence of the Lambs, called Antibodies (Tartan Films) and also a good ol' South Korean monster flick called, The Host (Magnolia Pictures USA). Check em' out!

[Posted By Rich Carlin]


Michael Ironside makes a rather dapper vampire, no? Just a quick note that John Gray has reviewed three episodes from the new season of Showtime's runaway horror anthology hit "Masters Of Horror." Check out his assessment of The Damned Thing, Family and The 'V' Word, and check out the episodes at first opportunity. With some major writing and directing talent (John Landis, Tobe Hooper, Mick Garris and more), these look to be superb outings in the celebrated series!

[Posted By Petch Lucas]


Well, we've known for a while, but now it's official...

Doug Bradley as Pinhead, Hellraiser NEW YORK, NEW YORK (November 8, 2006) – Dimension Films is proud to announce that Clive Barker, whose spine-tingling films have terrified audiences across the globe, is set to team with Dimension Films to remake his most celebrated thriller, “Hellraiser.” Barker will write the screenplay and serve as a producer. Anthony Diblasi and Joe Daley will co-produce the remake. No director or cast has been attached to the project yet. The announcement was made today by Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company.

First released in 1987, “Hellraiser” tells the chilling story of an unfaithful wife who attempts to assist her dead lover in his escape from Hell. Based on Barker's critically acclaimed novella, The Hellbound Heart, “Hellraiser” was written and directed by Barker and spawned a lucrative film franchise.

Bob Weinstein stated, "We are excited to be in business with Clive Barker who created such an iconic character with Pinhead. We look forward to working with him to bring his fantastic vision to the big screen for a new generation of fans."

Richard Saperstein, head of production, and Matthew Stein, senior vice president of production for Dimension Films will oversee the project on behalf of Dimension.

Andrew Kramer, executive vice president of business and legal affairs, negotiated the deal on behalf of Dimension Films. Ben Smith and David Colden of Colden, McKuin & Frankel, negotiated on behalf of Barker. Barker is represented by ICM.

Born October 5, 1952 near Liverpool, England. Barker’s literary career began with the publishing of his short story collection entitled The Books of Blood, Volumes 1-6. Barker made the jump to motion pictures, the result was an adaptation of his novella, The Hellbound Heart, into a film called Hellraiser. Barker’s stylish, chilling directorial debut resulted in a movie franchise that has spawned eight sequels.

Barker’s film career continued in many different capacities on such films as Candyman, Nightbreed Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh, Lord of Illusions, Gods and Monsters, & Saint Sinner.

During this time, Barker remained a force in the literary world, and publishing such novels as: Weaveworld, The Great and Secret Show, Everville, Imajica, Sacrament, Galilee, Coldheart Canyon, , The Thief of Always, & Damnation Game. – several of which have been set up with film and television studios through his Seraphim Films.

Most recently, Barker has published Abarat and Abarat II: Days of Magic, Nights of War, the first two books in a four-part children’s book series. Barker has spent more than five years developing the series and created more than 500 oil paintings, which illustrate the books.

[Posted By Rich Carlin] [Source: Lina, Deep Focus]

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