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Hellraiser Mythology - 'Cenobite' Information:


Servants to "Leviathan", 'Cenobites' are demons, unholy creatures without values of decency or goodness. Hideous physical appearance, being totally unnatural [e.g. metals and certain devices run throughout their flesh] and wearing mutilated shells of what once were living beings, of what they once were. In effect a cenobite is the physical manifestation of soul desiccation and enevitably thievery - stolen bodies carrying a demonic interior, imprisoning the host's soul. Their vein systems are fully purged sucking all blood and bodily fluids from the 'shell'.

All Cenobites are "explorers" of pain and extreme sensation or ill feeling i.e pain. However may it be noted, through no choice of their own. There is no turning back for the Cenobite unless confronted with it's past self, which may only happen to Cenobites of the EXPLORER kind, who travel to other REALMS to bring beings back with them who open the doorway between the two realms; through the use of the "Lament Configuration". A puzzle box with higher consequence other than self-indulgence.

'Cenobitical' Kind


The artists among the Cenobite population, looking to further physical and emotional suffering onto others through imaginatively horrid contraptions and metals, with the help of the Engineers. They are given the means to jump from realm to realm through anyone's use of the Lament Configuration [puzzle box], which opens a doorway between the two spoken worlds. Once opened the explorers must take a being back with them to convert to their own kind [cenobite].


The foundations of the Cenobite population, Engineers are the labourers of the underworld. Always creating new contraptions and metal objects of which to mutilate the new Cenobite army with. With complex liquid tubing systems, metals plates, nails, staples, metal wiring and basically the machinery at their disposal to create almost any kind of atrocity made of skin, bones and metal, the Engineers are vital to the gruesome existence of the Cenobites. They are the minority in the population of the Cenobites and among the most horrid too. Equipped with circular saws, screw drivers, chisels, blades and 'nailers' instead of a hand and with one large, muscular arm left in tact for finesse. The rest of the physicalities of the Engineers are completely unique, as with all CENOBITES.


Law and order, you wouldn't believe, is required in such a land as Leviathans, but it most certainly is. Any tainted EXPLORERS, on return to their Realm will be jailed by the largest and most formidable of their kind - the jailors.


Cenobites, like man, love to have dogs as companions - that's if you can call them that. Any dog may be collected by the Explorers at any opportunity, and brought back to their realm for the engineers to work on. After the engineers, the dog[s] will be assigned to either the Jailors for added security or the Explorers - for the same purpose among others i.e capturing ability through speed and scent.


The mass population of hell, mostly unaltered beings left to stew in their own personal hell.

'Cenobitical' Owner


The 'supreme-being' of the underworld, and totally unexplainable at that [being supreme and all]. All there is to know is that Leviathan is in charge and the Cenobites are it's servants. It - Hell, that other realm - began as Leviathan and if it ever ends, will end as Leviathan too.

The round off

This is all relevant as far as Hellraiser mythology goes, there is nothing to say that what is typed here is not right because there is nothing written in stone as far as Hellraiser is concerned. The most important aspect of Hellraiser mythology is probably this - it portrays Hell as a physical place, even after death. And while that may contradict itself to a huge degree as far as impossibility, improbability and even more specific mythology points go, who really does care? It is fun reading and fun imagination [thanks Clive]. This piece was wrote up purely on imagination and what we envision Hellraiser as, what we envision Leviathan's realm and the Cenobites as - on a purely fictional basis at that.

Read this comment by Clive Barker regarding Hellraiser and it's ever changing mythology at the hands of different people and their own personal creative output at each stop [movie, comic].

Cenobite artwork below by Matt Carlin - adaptions of artwork from Hellraiser comic no. 1 except the Engineer which is original work.

A CENOBITE - Demon exploring the further reaches of pain - CLICK for full size!
Cenobite from the first Hellraiser comic issue

The ENGINEER - CLICK for full size!
Artist's impression of an ENGINEER Cenobite

The HELL HOUND - Cenobites best friend - CLICK for full size!
Cenobite Dog from Hellraiser comic - Issue 1. Companion to demon atop.


'Dr. Channard'
'Chattering Cenobite'
'Female Cenobite'


By Mister Sinister


'Pinhead's' head grid adaption
'Chatterer's' Wiring adaption


Lament Configuration

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