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Hunter Von Leer interview (Deputy Hunt from Halloween II)

With over two dozen film credits to his name Paul Hunter Von Leer, a native of Terre Haute, IN, came to Hollywood in 1971 and is most notably remembered by horror fans for his performance in the classic Halloween . Pit Of Horror recently caught up with Mr. Von Leer, and he kindly gave us this interview.

VonLeer & Pleasance together...

1: It's been almost 23 years since Halloween II hit the screen. When was the last time you saw the film and do you think it holds its weight in 2004?
Every so often I'll catch it on cable. It holds up very well.

2: How did you land the role of Deputy Gary Hunt?
I interviewed for it and the director knew of my work.

3: Had you seen the original Halloween before taking on this role? If so, what did you do to prepare for the role?
No, I did not see the original first but being from a small town, I wanted the Deputy to have compassion.

4: In the previous film, Charles Cyphers/Sherriff Brackett's character basically assisted Donald Pleasance' character of Sam Loomis in hunting down Michael Myers. How did it feel to take over the hunt for the famous 'Boogeyman'?
When you prepare for a role, you don't want to know to much about the outcome because it will taint your choices.

5: Donald Pleasance was certainly a legend. How was it to work with him so closely?
He was a true pro and a wonderful man to work with. I miss him.

6: Speaking for myself (and I'm sure a lot of other fans), I was rather disappointed we didn't see the storyline continue from Halloween II to Halloween . Michael Myers was left out of the storyline, but came back in Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers. Were you approached to reprise your role in Halloween IV?
No, I was not, but they had a different director. My fans should write in and ask.

7: Given the immense and continuing popularity of the Halloween series, would you consider coming back for another round with The Shape?
All they need to do is ask.

8: Rick Rosenthal and John Carpenter both shared credit in directing Halloween II. How was it to work for both directors? Any specific stories you can share?
No great stories. I never met John Carpenter. He was never directing while I was on the set. Rick is a great director and wonderful to work with from an actors point of view. An actor's director. He had, and will continue to have a great future. I understand he recently directed the latest Halloween film.

9: Have you kept in touch with any of the cast/crew from Halloween II?
It's a small business and we run into each other over the years.

Von Leer today

10: Halloween II was heavily cut by the MPAA. Can you talk to us about the scenes/gore that was cut from the film?
No, not really. I was not privy to that.

11: I'm a huge fan of the 1992 film Trancers III. Can you talk to us a bit about your role as Senator McCoy?
It was a blast to do. Tim Thomerson is a dear friend of mine going way back. We shot an American Sportsman show on my boat together last year Mako Shark fishing. Tim's first Mako.

12: Any cool stories from the set of Trancers III you can share with us?
No, but it was a blast to do.

13: Talk to us a bit about your upcoming projects.
I'm superstitious about that. Great web site, and thanks for contacting me for the interview. Take care.

-Hunter Von Leer (Deputy Hunt)

Hunter can most recently be seen in in the 2002 film Round And Round. He is also an avid fisherman and was recently featured on ESPN with Tim Thomerson on a Mako shark special.

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