From the left: John, Rich & Petch

www.pitofhorror.com was originally founded by myself (Rich Carlin). After establishing a friendship with Petch Lucas and realising his talent for writing, Petch was onboard within a week as a full partner. As the website grew it was evident that we required another webmaster and full partner to help us push the website forward: in comes, John Gray. Long term friend of us both and movie buff extraordinaire; from Dallas, Texas. The three amigos have ensembled (Enjoy the party)...

The actual site (and forum sister site) is predominantly maintained by myself on a technical basis, however, John Gray is responsible for all promotional activity whether it be contests for the readers of the site or official movie screenings in the Texas area. Petch on the other hand, has contributed a wealth of reviews (some interviews and other written content) to the site, since 1998. That said, we all contribute written reviews and interviews to the website as and when we can. It really is a joint effort and alot of hard work on all our parts to keep this site running and interesting and in that latter respect we hope we have achieved something.

The PIT has really, truly become a huge part of our lives and there probably should really be ten people working on the site, not three, but currently we are striving to give our readers regular updates and opportunities to win some great DVD releases, soundtracks and other merchandise pertaining to our beloved horror genre!

In 2004 we decided it was time to begin expanding our online forum community. We have been known, since establishing the Pit, as having a great forum with intellectual and engaging discussion. And although it was, at first, a very tight knit group of regulars, as the Pit's popularity grew, so naturally did the number of members. It was time for a change and we decided it was best to seperate the forum from the website entirely, so as to allow more potential for both. And www.gutsandgory.com was born. However, there was a twist. Since Fangoria WOH 2004 in NJ, we really took everything up a gear with the PIT. We even helped arrange for Ari Lehman (Little Jason) to appear as a guest at the convention. And after meeting up with Andrew Bryniarski I took on development of his official website. And the concept was born. "Why not host all their forums in the same place?".

As time went on we added more and more official celebrity forums, making G&G like a kind of all year round online convention, where fans can pose questions or even in some cases heavily interact with some of their heroes. All from the comfort of their own homes. Now we have many forums set up and the site has become a huge wealth of information where you can learn information you can't find anywhere else on the web about the actors, stuntmen, directors and writers we have as honoured members of G&G. The traffic on the forums is currently through the roof as we struggle to attain enough disk space to keep everything running smoothly. Hundreds of thousands of posts have been made since May 2004 with new members joining everyday. And that all said, we have more forums in the pipeline that will simply blow your mind!

In closing, it is a special time for the site and it's fan base. And we thank you for supporting the site from the bottom of our hearts. We'd also like to thank Royce Freeman, Sam Austin, Eric E. Scott, Cody Hamman and James Majure who have helped contribute material to the website at some time or another over the years, since November 1998. Thank you.

-Rich Carlin, John Gray & Petch Lucas

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