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"Probably the finest Italian horror movie ever made"
- Martin Coxhead, ' THE DARK SIDE '

Jessica Harper as Susy Banyon - Suspiria 1977

Hailed as perhaps the greatest Italian horror film ever to be made, 'Suspiria' (1977, 95mins approx.) is a relentless attack on all the senses of the viewer from start to finish, scene to scene. Visually powerful with bizarre colours used in specific scenes by Argento in an attempt to create a feeling of panic and fear during the motion picture accompanied by the "Goblins" soundtrack - all in all a truly magnificent piece of movie making and a great asset to the horror genre as a whole as well as a brilliant addition to any horror fan's collection!

The character of Susy Banyon (played by Jessica Harper) is the focus of Suspiria, as an Amercian ballet student travelling to Germany to study her passion at an exclusive Academy in the Black Forest. As her stay increases the plot unfolds from the very first overwhelming set piece killing to the heart pounding finale. We learn of a history riddled with black magic and murder belonging to the Academy.

With the wire-guided cameras and complicated lighting systems Argento has created a true masterpiece of horror which cannot be missed by horror fans, italian horror fans and most definately Dario Argento fans alike!

So make sure you get yourself a copy of 'SUSPIRIA' and treasure it as an exceptional part of your horror movie collection!

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