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The Starlite

Welcome to the Starlite!

Saturday Night. A special night at the Starlite Drive-In Theater in Flint, Michigan. A night where they play those forgotten flicks of yesteryear. A night especially dedicated to the films that Drive-In movie freaks like me love to death. The kind of movies that look like they were put together with a Super 8 camera, a bunch of your friends, a rubber knife and a gallon of karo syrup generously doused with red dye #9. The kind of films made with fun, affection and a lot of love. These wonderful snippets of celluloid go hand-in-hand with the carnival that is the Starlite.

This is where it all happens.

Ahhh, the atmosphere of the Drive-In. Can't you just smell the popcorn? Can't you hear the radios from all directions playing all sorts of music and the people in the cars and in the groups all talking, jumbled together to create a buzz similar to the noise of that mosquito landing on your arm?

Horns honk. Cars mill about looking for the best spot. Blankets, lawn chairs and chemical-smelling green coils come out. Lovers walk together toward the concession stand to grab some of that aforementioned popcorn and cokes. People are excited and smiling.

It happens now.

As the sun sets on a cool, crisp Michigan summer night, the stars light up the sky and the fun begins. Everybody's getting ready for a late night.

Dusk to Dawn. Two screens. Five bucks a head. A special night.

(New screens are added to the playbill pretty frequently!)

The Funhouse * Cheerleader Camp * Return To Horror High Deep Red Hatchet Murders * Phenomena aka Creepers * Tenebre

Demons * City Of The Living Dead * Maniac Toxic Zombies * Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things * Garden Of The Dead

Bloodsucking Freaks * Nightmare In A Damaged Brain * Buried Alive Blood Feast * 2000 Maniacs * The Wizard Of Gore

House Of Psychotic Women * Torso * Frankenstein '80 Can we talk here?

The Starlite may be an artifact of the past, but home video will keep these enduring and endearing titles alive, the good, the bad and the unexplainable. Happy renting, and have fun!

- Zen Eric


The Starlite