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Jason Voorhees FAQ:

Q1. How do you spell Jason's surname?
A1. Sometime ago it was debatable that it was spelt "Vorhees" instead of "Voorhees" however it has been settled - mostly - that it is actually Voorhees and only through error was it ever spelt "Vorhees".

Q2. Was Jason mentally handicapped?

A2. We believe he was indeed mentally handicapped.

Q3. Who was Jason's father?

A3. Jason's father was Elias Todd Voorhees whom left Pamela when Jason was very young. He was supposed to make an appearance in F13 6, but the scene never made it to the finished movie.

Q4. Did Jason drown or was he just thought to have drowned?
A4. There is good debate here and at first I did believe he drowned, but it didn't make sense so here is my theory - Jason escaped drowning at the age of about 10/11 years and lived in the forest. He was sexually abused by his father so he wanted out of his life and this seemed right. So Pamela thought he drowned and took revenge and got killed in the process. Jason must have been watching from the distance to know who killed her, but was too young to do anything about it so instead he bided his time and then when he was a grown man he took his revenge - in Part 2 - killing Alice. Ginny in Part 2 also gives us a brief outline supporting this theory of him living in the woods longing for his mother - Pamela. We also see his living quarters in Part 2 and how did Jason get his mother's head? He must have took it from the scene of the crime. And on top of that Jason supposedly drowned as a young boy, but he is a grown man in Part 2: Dead men can't grow.

Q5. When did Jason become a zombie like killer?
A5. I personally think he became the "undead" after his - supposed - death in Part 3. His wounds were fatal to any human, which he was up to that point. Yes a human gifted with the talent of killing people efficiently but nonetheless a human. So after his hanging and axe wound in part 3 we believe he was then the undead when he returned in The Final Chapter.

Q6. Why does Jason's appearance always change drastically from f13 to f13?
A6. it is simply lack of consistency and different make-up artists, nothing more.

Q7. What is Jason's mother's full name?

A7. Pamela Sue Voorhees.

Q8. How can Jason still grunt and groan after his hanging in Part 3 - wouldn't that damage his voice box so that he couldn't even make a sound?
A8. There is two possibilities here, either Jason's voice box wasn't damaged so that he could still make a noise or again it is down to consistency error and was damaged, but ignored by later F13 makers.

Q9. Why doesn't Jason actually run after his victims after Part 3?
A9. I personally think he should run as it makes it more realistic and gripping, but I suppose he feels he will catch them sooner or later just by a steady pace hence the walking down victims. It could also be that since Jason is no longer human that he feels no urgency in chasing down victims - zombies tend to walk :).

Q10. Why does Jason kill people - what is his motive?

A10. His motive is clear and simple. After Jason supposedly drowned his mother took revenge by killing all the camp councillors when Camp Crystal Lake re-opened after his death - well all except one Miss Alice Hardy whom managed to kill Mrs. Voorhees. Jason took revenge first on Alice and then any unfortunate (mainly councillors, he also took it on himself to kill anyone who came in his path) councillor who strayed onto his turf - being around Camp Crystal Lake.

Q11. What is Jason Goes to Hell all about with the body hopping hell babies and major plot twists?
A11. A mess plot wise - but an adequate movie, just not what most Friday the 13th fans wanted. It looks as if Newline knew what they wanted - Freddy Vs. Jason. They get the rights to Jason and before you know it they are calling a halt to the series with "The Final Friday" with Krueger's infamous glove making an appearance.

Q12. What about in Part 8 when Jason turns back into a little boy - And when Jason says "Mommy, help me!"?
A12. Another piece of silly unneeded *poop* :). We can't answer that as nobody really knows what went through the maker's heads - we also ask "what was it really about?" - All we know is to disregard it.

Q13. In Jason Goes to Hell Jason has his old body back, but he was a little boy at the end of Jason Takes Manhattan - what is up with that?
A13. Well in regard to him turning into a boy, blah blah, we answered that - well nearly did - in A12, however in regard to Jason getting his old body back in The Final Friday, well that is very simple. The makers of The Final Friday chose to completely disregard the end of Part 8 (Jason Takes Manhattan) and in my opinion rightly so. It was unneeded confusion however that doesn't mean to say that they avoided a silly plot as they clearly didn't. They watched too much Aliens or something, but that is another story.

We hope all you newer Friday the 13th fans or even some older ones got something from this small FAQ page. Most of the information is basic, but gives you a basic outline about Jason and his ways, thanks.

- Matt Carlin.